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PC version “Warlander” officially launched.A new battle action game where up to 100 players compete for the castle

Toy Logic announced today (January 25, 2023) that the company’s new PC battle action “Warlander”formal servicewas launched on Steam.

“Warlander”is a clash of up to 100 players divided into 5 legions of 20 players each.An action game with the charm of fighting with a large number of peopleis. Players will either become a warrior who fights with powerful techniques, a magician who masters fire and lightning, or a monk who supports allies, and will aim to capture the castle of the enemy army.
The basic play is free, and you can play it immediately by downloading it on Steam. The PS5/Xbox Series X|S version is scheduled to be released in April 2023.

of Warlander
Steam version launched worldwide!

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January 25, 2023 (Wednesday), Munich – Toylogic Co., Ltd. and PLAION announced that the free-to-play third-person online action game “Warlander” has officially launched worldwide on Steam. increase.

“Warlander” is a new genre multi-player game that combines hack-and-slash shooter strategy, in which up to 100 players are divided into five corps and attack each other’s castles. Choose from one of three classes: a warrior who uses swords and shields to slay enemies, a mage who masters fire and lightning magic, and a monk who specializes in supporting and healing allies. Let’s go around. Not only can you enjoy a full-fledged siege battle using catapults, siege towers, battling rams, etc., but at the climax of the battle, you can completely change the battle situation with meteorites that destroy everything around you, giant tornadoes, and giant four-person robots. Great magic will also appear. There are also items and skills customization and character development elements, so you can enjoy it for a long time like an RPG.

In line with the official release,
A launch trailer video has also been released.

“Warlander” is a free-to-play model, and you can download and play it now on Steam. For more information, visit the official Warlander website. Also, join the Warlander community on our official Discord server.

Warlander Product Overview
Title name Warlander
genre Competitive online fantasy action
Compatible models PC (Steam)/PlayStationR5/Xbox Series X|S
price Basic play free
release date Steam: Wednesday, January 25, 2023
PlayStationR5/Xbox Series X|S: Scheduled for around April 2023
Planning and development toy logic
Steam page

■ About Toy Logic
An exciting “playfulness” that transcends time and age, and cutting-edge “technology” that leads the industry. Toy Logic, which pursues “joy, surprise, and excitement” through the fusion of these two, has produced many big titles such as “NieR Replicant ver. Based on our development experience, we are releasing full-fledged action games one after another for platforms such as PlayStationR5/Steam/Nintendo Switch/Xbox Series X|S.

In April 2022, we announced a new IP, a 4-player co-op action game “Glitch Busters: Stack On You”. In September of the same year, an online fantasy action game “Warlander” with up to 100 simultaneous players was announced. Driven by a spirit of inquiry into technology and a passion for creation, we provide the world with exciting spectacles, memorable stories, and new games that can be enjoyed with family, friends, and people around the world. I will send it.

■ About PLAION
PLAION is an independent company that develops and produces games and entertainment products, with 10 development studios and 5 sales offices around the world. Founded in 1994 as Koch Media, PLAION offers a unique range of services and solutions and a dynamic business that keeps itself and its partners at the forefront in all areas.

PLAION owns publishing divisions such as Deep Silver, Prime Matter, Milestone, Vertigo Games and Ravenscourt, and has a multi-label strategy to create and sell games in packaged and digital form for consoles, PC and VR platforms.

As a global publishing partner, we have worked with many game makers such as Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, Capcom, Focus Multimedia, Giants Software, Koei Tecmo, Paradox Interactive, Sega, SNK, Square Enix, Techland, THQ Nordic, Tripwire, and Warner Bros. We have a long-term publishing contract.

Parent company in Hoven, Austria, headquartered in Munich, Germany, with local publishing companies in Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Australia, USA, Japan and Hong Kong .

It also owns 10 game development studios: Deep Silver Volition (Champaign, Illinois, USA), Deep Silver Dambuster Studios (Nottingham, UK), Fishlabs (Hamburg, Germany), Warhorse Studios (Prague, Czech Republic), Milestone ( Milan, Italy), Voxler (Paris, France), DigixArt (Montpellier, France), Flying Wild Hog (Warsaw, Krakow, Lutzew, Poland), Free Radical Design (Nottingham, UK) and Vertigo Games (Rotterdam, Norway) . Additionally, PLAION collaborates with numerous independent development studios around the world.

It also owns PLAION PICTURES, an independent European film distributor with more than 1,400 titles. Additional businesses include Sola Media, a family entertainment distributor and production company; Spotfilm Networx, a multi-channel streaming network; and a sub-label dedicated to Japanese animation.

It also owns DPI Merchandising (Denver, Roseburg, and Munich in the US), a leading company in game goods, and a quality assurance facility in Olomouc, Czech Republic. PLAION is a group company of Embracer Group.

c 2022 Toylogic Inc., Japan. Published by PLAION GmbH, Austria. Warlander is a registered trademark of Toylogic Inc. The PLAION logo is a registered trademark of PLAION GmbH. It is a trademark or registered trademark of each company.

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