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“Adobe XD” disappears from Adobe’s product list-End of offer due to unification with acquired “Figma”? – Yajiuma no Mori

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“Adobe XD” has disappeared from Adobe’s “All products” page … I noticed such a tweet.

I thought, “That’s stupid,” and checked it at hand, but it certainly doesn’t seem to come out even if I search.

‘Adobe XD’ missing from Adobe’s ‘All products’ page

“Adobe XD” is included in the Mado no Mori library with permission (reprinting of the binary was not permitted, so only the link), but the product link ( /products/xd.html) is redirected to the help page (

Even if you follow the product link from the “Adobe XD” page of the window forest library ……


I am redirected to the help page

Last September, Adobe bought competing product Figma for about $20 billion, so I expected Adobe XD to eventually be integrated into Figma – but still without notice. The disappearance of product pages is inexplicable.

However, “Adobe XD” was updated early this year (according to our research), and the “what’s new” page was updated on January 24 (Japan time 25th, that is, today), and will be released in 2023. Changes for the January release (version 56) have been announced. It seems that the Mado-no-Mori Library has not been contacted about the end of the service so far. It is hard to imagine that the product will be discontinued in this situation, and I felt that the possibility of temporary trouble was high.


Adobe XD CC, a tool for designing websites and apps and creating prototypes

I will be reaching out to Adobe regarding this matter and will keep you posted if I get an answer or if there is any progress on the situation.

The article is in Japanese

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