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Smartphones that are said to be suitable for gaming are high-end models, and the prices are correspondingly higher.

However, it is a model in the low price range and two years agoOPPO A54 5GIn the popular app “Prosecca”Completely clear the extremely difficult modeA user has appeared and is attracting attention.

Clear a high-difficulty stage with OPPO without missing a beat

Twitter users are attracting attention.OPPO A54 5GCarbonara 24ji VS Yaminabe (FC-11) (@CARBO28473), who is playing Proseca.

Carbonara 24:00 VS Yamanabe (FC-11) on March 12 at Proseca’s “What’s up? Pop!”all perfect clearreported to have achieved

Due to the high degree of difficulty of the song, this post has attracted attention, and has over 970 retweets.The number of likes reaches 4600And so on.

The terminal used was OPPO A54 5G, a low-priced model released in June 2021, and spec-wise it is a product for light users.

In addition, the number of views of the video that cleared the same station with a full combo was 1.27 million times, and the iPad was used for playing, and for clearingRequires quick movementI understand.


Achieved beyond difficult problems such as no response Previously played on iPhone


Carbonara 24:00 VS Yaminabe (FC-11) is a high-end model before OPPO A54 5GiPhone 12It is clear that it was being played using .

That iPhone 12CorruptionBy doing so, the game was moved to OPPO, and this time it was a perfect clear.

If you want to play rhythm games in earnest, Apple’siPadis recommended, and he also says, “If you want to do it seriously, I recommend the iPad.”

When playing with OPPO, it seems that rare events such as lag or no response may occur, but this timeovercoming challengesand produced results that attracted a great deal of attention.

The OPPO A54 5G is a terminal for users who value price and battery life, and such a phenomenon may occur in applications that require processing performance.


Comfortable play is a model with a certain level of performance


The OPPO A54 5G, which achieved all perfect clear this time, is not limited to OPPO, but if you want to play rhythm games comfortablyModels with specs above a certain levelI would like to choose

OPPO A54 5G is not suitable, but it can be played normally, but if you focus on gamesProcessing performance firstConsideration is recommended.

The CPU installed in OPPO A54 5G (31,800 yen) incorporates Snapdragon 480, which is often used in low-priced devices.

On the other hand, the iPhone 12 (from 86,800 yen) that was used before is A14 Bionic, and the performance difference ismore than double the openingthere is.


A14 Bionic on iPhone 12 in 2020 still has enough performance

Although OPPO A54 5G is no longer available, a model called OPPO A55s 5G with the same CPU is on sale.

There is also a new model called OPPO A77, but if you want to enjoy games, avoid it and consider other models.

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