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Herta’s line in “Collapse: Starrail” has been amused by some fans. Perhaps because it is often heard at the beginning of the game, it seems to be becoming a popular line worldwide.

“Collapse: Starrail” is a space fantasy RPG being distributed from the brand HoYoverse, which is also developing “Genshin” and “Collapse 3rd”. The stage is a world where there are gods called star gods (Aion) and the source of disaster, the “star core”. As a hunter with an embedded stellar core, the player goes on an adventure to find out the mystery surrounding the stellar core.

Hertha is the master of the space station Hertha. He is a great scientist with excellent intelligence, but lacks empathy and his behavior is quite eccentric. He appears before the player as a puppet that he can control remotely. Therefore, it is possible to see several Herta in the station. Most of the characters in this work are eccentrics, but among them, they are particularly crazy characters. Haruka Yamazaki is in charge of the voice actor for the Japanese version.

Such Herta participates in battle as a party member. Herta attacks the enemy while shouting “Kurukuru” and “Kururin” during additional attacks. Herta’s lines are strangely popular. You can see it in action by watching the video below.

Hertha is a wisdom type character as a fate type. The biggest feature of her Hertha is the extra attacks that are activated frequently. This is because Herta has a gift (special skill) that “When an ally’s attack reduces the enemy’s remaining HP to 50% or less, it gives an additional ice attribute attack to all enemies”. What this means is that if an ally’s attack reduces the enemy’s HP to less than half, Herta will attack all enemies even though it’s not his turn. The words uttered at that time are “Kuru Kuru” and “Kururin”.

This skill has the name “I’ll do it after all”, but it has a suitable activation frequency for that name. Anyway, this additional attack is easy to come out. The activation conditions themselves are quite loose, so it’s normal to keep firing. And this line is cute. Originally, Herta herself has a young appearance and speaks in a lisp. If she listens to “Kurukuru” and “Kururin” many times, she will become addicted somewhere. Or rather, I am.

“Kurukuru” and “Kururin” are limited to Japanese voice lines, but a large number of “KURUKURU” videos have been posted on YouTube, and it is surprising that they have been played more than 100,000 to 1 million times. Along with the line KURUKURU, there are also some MADs that make Herta turn around. For some reason, a particularly popular video is a video of Herta spinning in time with the ending of Super Mario World. Overwhelming KURUKURU popularity.

* In addition, since the Chinese voice says “KURURU-” during the additional attack, it is thought that the Japanese voice is focused there.

*Some people created alarms because they liked “Kuru Kuru” and “Kururin” too much.

Herta is a de facto distribution character. You can definitely get it by playing the simulated universe. It’s easy to get, it’s easy to use, and it can be activated many times, so it must have become a player’s favorite line. In addition, it seems that “KURUKURU~” was popular at the time of the beta test before the release of this work.

In addition, as Herta’s line, the words “I’ll give you such a big diamond” when activating the special move are also impressive. However, this one is not as popular as “KURUKURU”. Since “KURUKURU” itself is popular in the English-speaking world, it is important to make it easy to understand and pronounce.

“Collapse: Starrail” is available for PC (official website / Epic Games store) / iOS / Android from April 26th. A future release for the PlayStation platform has also been announced.

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