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As generative AI technology develops, some developers and creators have begun to focus on “reproducing chats with lovers and celebrities with AI”, and have alreadyI abused my AI girlfriend made with a chatbot“”AI that becomes her at 1 dollar per minute (about 130 yen) earned about 10 million yen in a week‘ has been reported.Meanwhile, software developersEnias CailliauChat AI “GirlfriendGPTWe are embarking on the development of

GitHub – EniasCailliau/GirlfriendGPT: Girlfriend GPT is a Python project to build your own AI girlfriend using ChatGPT4.0 Cailliau/Girlfriend GPT

GirlfriendGPT is an AI that chats via the messaging application Telegram, and in addition to being able to customize the personality of the AI ​​according to your preferences, it also has a function to generate selfies according to the user’s request.In addition, software that generates voice with AIElement LabsIt is also possible to read a message by creating a voice specific to the AI ​​model using .

You can see how the interaction with GirlfriendGPT actually looks like by watching the video below.

GirlfriendGPT-AI girlfriend with LangChain-YouTube

An interaction with AI is displayed on the Telegram chat screen.


AI is a mechanism that sends an audio file that reads the message along with the text message. Users can enter messages in the text box at the bottom and interact with the AI.


“Today I will work until midnight to strengthen your memory. How are you? Where are you?” Working until midnight is great! What are you studying or working?”


When I clicked on the attached audio file, the reply was read out in a female voice. The sound quality doesn’t seem to be clear, but I don’t feel any discomfort with synthesized speech.


When I asked “Can you send me a selfie?”, I got an AI-like reply, “Okay.


Looking at the posted image, there was a mysterious android-like subject.


Mr. Cailliau is working on a function to improve the accuracy of chatting by remembering past interactions with AI girlfriend, and also building a system to interact with AI girlfriend by voice input. She also said that she is accepting pull requests for GirlfriendGPT features on GitHub.

I can now speak to SachaGPT – The GPT clone of my girlfriend.

The selfies could use some tweaking


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