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“Google Chrome” makes it easier to customize the design Japan Top News

“Google Chrome” makes it easier to customize the design Japan Top News
“Google Chrome” makes it easier to customize the design Japan Top News

Google Chrome’s latest update makes it easier to change the default desktop design from the standard white and gray color scheme. Access customization features from the new side panel and see how your browser looks in real time. Google announced on May 23, US time.

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From now on, you can change settings like color scheme and background theme by opening a new tab and clicking the Customize Chrome icon at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on this icon reveals a side menu with color options and the ability to upload your own images and change the theme. The sidebar displays about 13 themed collections, with options such as “Ocean Views,” “Life,” and “Latin Artists Collection.” Previously you had to visit the Chrome Web Store and choose from a range of themes, making it easier to change. But you can still visit the Chrome Web Store and browse the various options hidden from the side panel.

Chrome users can switch between color schemes within themes to suit their personal tastes. And Google says you don’t have to stick to just one theme. After selecting the theme, click the toggle switch “Update daily” to enjoy the daily background image.

For efficient customization, Chrome auto-saves your edits, so you don’t have to click “Done” to apply your changes. After changing the design, simply close the side panel. If the original color scheme is good, you can always go back to the original Chrome.

This article is an article from overseas Red Ventures edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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