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Steam free-to-play Battlerois “SUPER PEOPLE 2” has ended. Service ends before official service starts – -


South Korean developer Wonder People announced on May 23 that the free-to-play battle royale game “Battle Royale”, which is being distributed in early access on Steam, will be released on May 23.SUPER PEOPLE 2]announced the end of distribution. As of August 21st, the game will no longer be playable.

“SUPER PEOPLE 2” is a battle royale game where you fight as people with supernatural powers. Players parachute from a transport plane to a vast island, pick up weapons that have fallen on the ground, and face a fierce battle for survival. The base of the gameplay follows the popular Battrois works such as “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS”. However, this work introduced level-up elements for supernatural powers and characters/equipment, and added a unique flavor to the gameplay.

This work started early access distribution from October last year as “SUPER PEOPLE”. Immediately after the start of distribution, it was a success, with the maximum number of simultaneous connections exceeding 47,000 on Steam. However, the decline in the player population is somewhat steep, and in December last year, the title was changed to “SUPER PEOPLE 2” along with a major update. Reflecting the reflection points and player feedback in “SUPER PEOPLE”, it was launched as a new development. However, the player population has continued to decline, and since the beginning of this month, even at peak times, only about 500 people have played (SteamDB).

Early access distribution of such a work has been discontinued. According to this announcement, this work will stop distribution of the small charge system and client on May 23rd. Users who have already installed the client can continue to play this work, but it is expected that early access distribution will be completely stopped on August 21st, that is, it will be impossible to play.

In addition, the developer explained the reason for the end of distribution, “In the battle royale genre, if the number of users decreases, matching time will increase and unfair matching content will also increase.” It is said that this decision was made because the number of players for this work has fallen to a level where early access distribution cannot be provided. About half a year after the start of distribution, the distribution was stopped, and it was a somewhat rushed end.

In addition, the developer has expressed gratitude to the players who have supported this work so far at the end of this distribution. It also indicated that it would like to provide users with “more improved games” in the future.

Client distribution of “SUPER PEOPLE 2” is currently suspended. Users who have already downloaded the client will be able to play until August 21st.

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