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Corresponds to the Japanese display of the highly rated historical mystery RPG “Pentiment”. Uncovering Medieval Murder Mysteries Your Way – -


Obsidian Entertainment announced on May 26th that the historical mystery RPG “Pentiment]Deliver the latest update for. As a result, this work corresponds to the Japanese display. This work is on sale for PC (Steam/Microsoft Store)/Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S.

Pentiment is a historical mystery RPG set in 16th century Europe. The main character is Andreas Mahler, a professional painter who lives at the crossroads of major changes in religion and politics. While visiting the small town of Tassing in the Bavarian Alps, he encounters a murder and finds himself in the midst of a conspiracy.

People of various occupations and ages live in Tussing, and Andreas interacts with them. Through conversations, mini-games, and using Andreas’ abilities, he investigates the mysteries of the town and the nearby monastery. However, due to the limited time, the player needs to choose the research targets wisely. Based on the information obtained in this way, deduce the person who seems to be behind the murder. It is up to the player to draw conclusions, and each decision may affect future generations.

Developer Obsidian Entertainment is a Microsoft affiliated studio with a reputation for RPG development, such as “Fallout: New Vegas”, “The Outer Worlds”, and “Pillars of Eternity” series. This work was released in November last year, and has received high praise from both media and users for its skillful scenario as a mystery work and the steadily branching story that the developer is good at. According to Steam user reviews, 95% of users are positive at the moment, and it is “overwhelmingly positive”.

And with the update delivered this time, this work finally supports Japanese display. This work progresses on a conversation basis, and since difficult phrases also appear, it can be said that this has made it considerably easier to play. In addition, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Russian have been added. For the PC version, adjustments have also been made to allow users to create their own localizations. In addition, new areas with additional character homes have been added and bug fixes have been made. Please check the patch notes for more details.

Pentiment is available for PC (Steam/Microsoft Store)/Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S. Also available for Xbox/PC Game Pass.

The article is in Japanese

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