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Is “Loxonin” effective against corona? Is it okay to drink? | Preventive Medicine from Age 40 | Diamond Online

Is “Loxonin” effective against corona? Is it okay to drink? | Preventive Medicine from Age 40 | Diamond Online
Is “Loxonin” effective against corona? Is it okay to drink? | Preventive Medicine from Age 40 | Diamond Online

In the age of 100 years of life, health is the greatest asset.
But once you’re over 40, diseases like cancer, diabetes, and kidney disease are inevitable. According to the National Cancer Center,The number of cancer patients aged 40-49 is more than triple that of those aged 30-39(2018). Of course, the number of cancer patients increases steadily as we age into our 50s and 60s.
This series covers everything from daily meals to rehabilitation after a serious illness.Learn about disease prevention, early detection, and recurrence preventionThing. The author is Mr. Yuma Mori, an industrial physician and physician. He is also the administrator of “Preventive Medicine ch/supervised by a doctor”, and his videos have a reputation for being “helpful with easy-to-understand explanations” and “scary but interesting”, and the channel has more than 270,000 subscribers.first single author“Preventive medicine from the age of 40 Doctors teach “knowledge and habits 74 that do not get sick””publish theKentaro Iwata, an infectious disease doctor and professor at Kobe University, wrote a letter of recommendation, calling it “a textbook on health that you can read with peace of mind.”Today is a contribution article about corona and medicine.

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Is loxonin effective against corona? Is it okay to drink?

Do you know what kind of medicine is prescribed when it comes to corona?

I sometimes hear from people who have been infected with the new coronavirus that they want antibiotics, but basically I can’t expect them to be effective, so I don’t recommend them.

Antibiotics are drugs designed to kill “germs”.

There is no effect on the “virus”, and of course there is no effect on the new corona “virus”. Rather, it kills bacteria in the intestines that are good for the human body, and side effects such as diarrhea may appear.

For example, trying to catch a fish with a butterfly net is a mismatched act.

People with mild symptoms of the new coronavirus will not benefit from taking antibiotics. Let’s have literacy around here, and don’t want to prescribe antibiotics even if you want to cure corona from the patient’s side.

Fever and sore throat are common symptoms of infection with the novel coronavirus. In this case, the most commonly used drugs that are effective for both symptoms of “fever” and “pain” are “antipyretic analgesics”, and representative drugs are “calonal” and “loxonin”.

When it comes to antipyretic analgesics, there were rumors that during the COVID-19 epidemic, for example, ibuprofen could be a factor in exacerbating infections, but this has now been denied.

Although there is not a lot of data, both Caronal and Loxonin have a certain degree of safety, so both can be used.

What is the difference between these two drugs?

First, they differ in how they work. The original cause of pain and fever is tissue inflammation.

The prostaglandin produced by this inflammation makes it easier to feel pain and requests the brain to raise body temperature, which causes pain and heat. Loxonin is this prostaglandin. The production is stopped at the point just before the is produced.

It reduces fever and relieves pain.

On the other hand, caronal is said to act on the hypothalamus, a place in the brain that acts like a control tower that regulates body temperature, and has the ability to suppress pain transmission pathways from the brain to the spinal cord.

The big difference is that loxonin can be expected to have an effect of suppressing “inflammation”, but caronal cannot be expected so much. Then you may think that loxonin is a better drug, but let’s look at other points of view, for example side effects.

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