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[LAURA MERCIER 25th Anniversary]Cosmetic freak fashionista Natsumi Sanjoba will appear on Instagram live to commemorate the brand’s 25th anniversary!

LAURA MERCIER, a makeup artist brand from NY, will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2022. With the mission of “to maximize the original charm of each person”, we have continued to propose base makeup with a finish that looks like bare skin and color makeup that blends well with the skin. We will develop a 25th anniversary promotion to express our gratitude to everyone who has sympathized with that philosophy and has been using the brand for a long time. Under the theme of “unraveling the mind”, we will introduce methods in various situations to “unleash” beauty rules and stereotypes and make you feel more comfortable and beautiful. As part of this, we will deliver the Instagram live event “25th LM Live 2022” on the 25th of every month, where people who are related to the brand will appear. The ninth installment is scheduled to be delivered on Sunday, September 25, 2022. While active as a fashion director for popular brands, Natsumi Sanjoba, who is also active as an influencer, has attracted attention from industry insiders and SNS followers for her trendy beauty information posted on Instagram and YouTube. , We will deliver makeup live.

While applying makeup using Laura Mercier’s cosmetics, which she really loves, she will introduce this autumn’s trending fashions, the makeup points that you want to match, and the recommended points and usage of your favorite items.

We hope that this “25th LM Live 2022” will be an opportunity for you to update your beauty and individuality and enjoy a lighter and more comfortable effortless life. By accepting and polishing your own beauty and individuality, I hope that your one and only charm will bloom, and that you will have happy days that are as comfortable as you are. I will deliver it with my wishes.

◆ Delivery date and time: 9/25 (Sun) about 60 minutes from around 22:00
◆ Delivery Instagram:
◆Performer: Natsumi Sanjoba

BEAMS SALON / JOIÉVE DIRECTOR. Born in Tokyo, raised in Kobe. In 2016, he joined “Beams”. After working as a salesperson, he transferred to the press after a year and a half. He won the Grand Prix in the company’s new business contest, and from 2020, he will be selected as the director of “BEAMS Salon”, which curated the inside of “BEAMS” with a wedding theme. His first book “joba’s SIMPLE BASIC” is now on sale.

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