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Participatory game platform finger (finger) that you can play on YouTube Live delivers the latest information this month![Monthly finger September issue]

  • [Monthly finger September issue]

We are currently offering services as a beta version of finger, a participatory game platform that can be played on YouTube Live, aiming for an even more exciting service, planning and development that can be enjoyed by distributors and viewers. Some of them are called “Monthly fingers” and are distributed regularly.

This month, we will introduce new content scheduled to be released in September and October, future event information, and new projects announced at Tokyo Game Show 2022.

■September-October release schedule content

▼Zombie Rush Tower

・ What is “Zombie Rush Tower”?
Streamers and viewers work together to protect the tower from zombies!
Protect all stages with the help of the viewers!

▼ToyToy WordPuzzle

The new content “ToyToy WordPuzzle”, which was unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 “Finfest” venue, which was held for four days from September 15, 2022 (Thursday), is finally about to be officially released!

Please enjoy this new type of audience-participation type puzzle game.

・What is “ToyToy WordPuzzle”?
~ If you don’t use your head, you’ll be stuck in a game! ? A puzzle game that inserts viewers’ comments! ~
Contrary to her warm and cute appearance, she is quite intelligent inside.
If you don’t choose the combination of words carefully, you won’t be able to enter the next word.
Aim for high scores with speed and combos!
Break through various difficult puzzles with all the broadcasters and viewers!

* All screens and information are under development, and specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • September-October update information

▼ “Official distribution schedule” is easier to see than ever!

From September 12th (Monday), we have renewed the “official distribution schedule” that was displayed on the banner of the finger TOP page.
The schedule for one week is listed and easy to see.
You can check it at any time from the sidebar of the finger TOP page, so please take advantage of it.
fingering official distribution schedule:

Applicable notice:


  • Event information held in October

▼ finger CUP

The event “finger CUP” will be held in October as well, with the right to appear on finger’s official PV, which will be broadcast on large screens in Shibuya, Akihabara, and Shinjuku.

・October 2022 finger CUP ~Akihabara~
Target content: Aim for the goal! Comment Cooperative action game “WORDROID”
With the highest score recorded in the event mode of “WORDROID”, grab a chance to appear on the Akihabara large screen.

・October 2022 finger CUP ~Shinjuku~
Target content: “WORD BREAKER”
Compete for the highest score recorded on the event stage of “WORD BREAKER” with the prize of “Shinjuku” synchronized broadcasting on three screens.

・October 2022 finger CUP ~Shibuya~
Target content: Comment-linked puzzle game “What is this! ? Quiz Tower”
“what’s this! ? Let’s compete with the score of “Quiz Tower” and get a chance to appear at Shibuya Large Vision.

▼ A collaboration event with the uniform design award will be held! The winner will receive a specially designed uniform Live2D that won the finger award!

From October 6, 2022 (Thursday), we will hold a collaboration event to present the uniform Live2D that won the finger award at the design contest “5th Japan Uniform Design Award” sponsored by CONOMi Co., Ltd.
The final match between the five winners who won the preliminaries will be held from 21:00 on Sunday, October 23, 2022.
Details will be sent out sequentially through finger notifications and official Twitter accounts, so please feel free to join us.

  • “Phantom Thief Royale” has been reborn as content for fingering and is now available!

The popular content that took the world by storm, “Phantom Thief Royale,” is scheduled to appear on finger!
We are in the process of planning acclaimed to be reborn as viewer-participation content of finger and provide a new experience.
Details will be announced on finger and the official Twitter account, so please pay attention.

  • A new project with “finger” x “Yoshimoto Kogyo” x “Interesting corporation KAYAC”! Furthermore, that “Yoshimoto home game club” has been renewed as “Yoshimoto finger club” …! ?

The popular project “Yoshimoto’s home game club” has been renewed and will be revived as “Yoshimoto finger club”!
From now on, popular game-loving Yoshimoto comedians will deliver finger content on a daily basis every week.
In addition, we are planning to develop an original viewer-participation-type game for finger by a popular game-loving comedian led by Crystal Noda, with the strong backup of fun company KAYAC.
Related notice:

*All information is currently under planning and adjustment, and contents are subject to change without notice.


  • “Monthly finger September issue” live distribution decision!

It has been decided that “Monthly finger” will be introduced on finger’s official live stream this month as well.
The fingering management staff will work with guests to provide more detailed and enjoyable information than ever before.

Thank you very much for participating in the Tokyo Game Show 2022 “finger festival in TGS2022” which was held for 4 days from September 15th (Thursday).
Thanks to everyone’s participation and warm support, we were able to close the curtain on a great success.

This time, in addition to new content and event information, we will also deliver the contents of various important announcements related to finger at “Tokyo Game Show 2022”, which was held for four days from the 15th of this month. , please take a look.

“Monthly finger September issue” live distribution

■ Guests
Name: recog

■ Delivery date and time
September 22, 2022 (Thursday) 20:00-
Delivery URL:

* Due to unavoidable circumstances, the delivery date, delivery content, and performers may change without notice.

We will push forward with further planning and operation in order to realize a better distribution experience for everyone.
We will continue to send out information on a regular basis, so please pay attention.

In addition, we have set up an inquiry form to receive your opinions and requests.
We would appreciate it if you could send us your valuable opinions.

*Please note that inquiries are handled only in Japanese.


  • What is “finger”?

finger is a participatory game platform that allows you to play with the streamer using YouTube Live.
By participating in the game through comments, viewers can experience a more united game distribution.

Three features of “finger”
1. We will provide a new game distribution linked with comments in real time.
2. A portion of the sales of billing items will be distributed to distributors and developers.
3. You can stream and watch using your YouTube account.

finger is a new participatory game platform where a game cannot exist without both a broadcaster and an audience.

Request for cooperation
Fingerger is currently recruiting developers (content providers).
Please contact us from the following.

Service overview
・ Title: “finger” (finger)
・ Beta version release date: May 1, 2022 (Sun)
・Corporate site:
・ Finger special site:
・ Official PV:
・ Official Twitter account:
・ Official Youtube account:

【Company Profile】
Company name: finger Co., Ltd.
Location: Gotanda Brick Building B1F, 2-11-20 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Naoto Yoshie
Established: November 11, 2020
Business description: Development and operation of “finger”, a participatory game platform that can be played on YouTube live

[Inquiries from customers]
finger inquiry form

The article is in Japanese

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