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That Suwon is really in love!? “I’ll borrow her” Looking back on the relationship between Suwon and Kazuya!!

The 28th volume of “Rent-A-Girlfriend” is now on sale!! This time, in order to catch up with the hot new development of “Kanokari”, we will look back on the recent relationship between Suwon and Kazuya. In addition, in “Weekly Maga” No. 43, a special gift project is underway!!

● That Suwon“Serious love”!? now,“Kanokari” new developmentis the besthot!!

Chizuru Mizuhara, the “ideal girlfriend” that everyone envy. Kazuya still has a “rental relationship”. However, recently, there are rumors that her feelings for Kazuya have clearly gone beyond the realm of “lenkano”… Let’s take a look back at the most recent relationship between the two, along with a number of evidence scenes that have been captured!

① The suspicion of “serious love” was triggered by a “kiss” from Suwon during a trip to Hawaiians.

In front of Kazuya, he explains that it was a makeshift kiss.

Alone look in the pool at night!!


(2) As soon as I came back to Tokyo, for some reason I lost contact with Suwon.

This was Kazuya’s mental collapse, but…


Behind it, there is such a “translation ant” expression!!


③After that, Kazuya recovers and goes on a date with Suwon for the first time in three months.

Kazuya is determined to ascertain the true meaning of the “kiss”, while Mizuhara is in “work mode” as usual.


However, behind Kazuya’s face is this expression!!


④In the end, nothing happened on the date and the flow of dissolution――.

I thought it was… Finally, Suwon moved!!!


Finally, “Lencano” crosses the line!!??

A new development of “happiness” big explosion rushes in!!


Feeling like going out with Suwon!?
Selectable “situation date” goods will be presented to a total of 60 people by lottery!

Prize A: Mug
20 people

▼ Use the center color illustration of “Weekly Magazine” No. 43!


Prize B: Smartphone waterproof case
20 people

▼ Use this illustration!


* Compatible with all iPhone models.

Prize C: Eco bag
20 people

▼ Use this illustration!


Application method:
Please paste the application ticket attached to “Weekly Maga” No. 43 on the postcard, specify the following, and send it to the address!
*The electronic version does not include an application ticket.

·post code
·Full name
·phone number
・Preferred award

〒119-0181 Koishikawa Post Office PO Box 11, Tokyo
Weekly Shonen Magazine “She will borrow a gift” No. 43

October 1, 2022 *Postmark valid on the day

*The announcement of the winner will be replaced by the shipping of the prize.
*The copy of the application ticket will be invalid.
* Resale for commercial purposes and listing on internet auctions etc. are prohibited under any circumstances.
*According to the fair competition rules of the magazine, those who win this prize may not be able to win other prizes in this issue.
*The postcards sent will be promptly discarded after the project ends.

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