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September 23rd is “Real Estate Day” | What day is it today? -A fun anniversary to remember with manga- Vol.14-Comic Natalie

When you look at the calendar, you may notice that it is written as “Day of ○○” and that day is an anniversary of some kind. Just knowing that it’s some day makes you feel a little special and want to do something. In such a case, how about reading a manga related to the anniversary? Today, September 23rd, we will introduce a manga related to “Real Estate Day”. From dream homes to homes with crazy interiors, you can see all kinds of properties with manga!

Sentence·Constitution / Comic Natalie Editorial Department

Jingu Takao “Which floor plan do you want?” (Comix)


From “Which floor plan do you want?” (c) Jingu Takao / Comix

When you check the room layout, do you pay attention to the “life line”?

Megumi Tama and Kayo Machida, girls from the Faculty of Architecture who share a room, are looking for a new place to move. We consider the quality of the room while writing the route “life activity line” that the residents pass when moving in the house on the drawing. The conversation between the two, who ask real estate agents and pursue their ideal property, is packed with useful knowledge for finding a room. If you are unsure about which room to choose, or if you want to build your own house someday, reading it will definitely be helpful.

What should I do for the floor plan? (1)

Jingu Takao “Which floor plan do you want? (1)”

“Which floor plan do you want?” – Zenon Editorial Department

Keigo Shinzo “Hiragana” (Shogakukan)

From Hirayasumi. (c) Keigo Shinzo/Shogakukan

From Hirayasumi. (c) Keigo Shinzo/Shogakukan

Getting a house from a grandma with no relatives… is that really possible?

Real estate is a detached house. What’s more, the main character of Hirayasumi, Hiroto Ikuta, receives a property with a garden in Asagaya, Tokyo from an acquaintance’s grandmother who has no relatives. What is worrisome here is whether a complete stranger can actually inherit real estate so easily. Anyone who has read this manga should think that if they had the chance, they would want to own a house. In the work, Hiroto says that he wrote in his will, “I will give you this house.” In reality, as Hiroto says, “actually, there are various difficulties”, but in reality, you can get a house in the same situation. Thinking that this could happen to her also makes her dream come true, but Grandma didn’t give up the house for no reason. Everything is due to Hiroto’s personality. If you actually read Hirayasumi, you can’t help but think that someone like him deserves to live in this house.

Hirayasumi (1)

Keigo Shinzo “Hiragana (1)”

“Hirayasu” – Big Comic BROS.NET

Nerunodaisuki “Iemeguri” (KADOKAWA)


From “Iemeguri”.

“Introspection is an adventure!” Teru Oshima recommends, visiting strange properties with a real estate agent

The main character asks the real estate agent to show the property under the condition that it is “quiet with many rooms and within 30 minutes on foot from the station”. It looks normal on the outside, but it’s a quirky interior, and you’ll be told, “Actually, this house is a bit of a problem,” and “The owner of this house died after being admitted to a mental hospital.” The other houses that appear are all strange properties, such as a house that connects to the underground world through a tree hollow, and a house that has strict security in preparation for an invasion of aliens. I want to see what kind of house the property is… “Iemeguri” is a story about an author who likes the “introspection” that accompanies house hunting, and has created a manga with his own touch about the fun. Teru Oshima, who runs a site that provides information on accident properties, wrote a recommendation in the band of the book, saying, “Introspection is an adventure!”


Nerunodaisuki “Iemeguri”

“Iemeguri”-Official trial reading page

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