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An actor who has played a wide range of roles, from a cool and excellent business person to a clumsy girl who can’t ride the waves of life, and has won numerous film and theater awards.Yoshida sheepcelebrated its 25th anniversary.As an actor, she’s defiantly broken new ground, and at her Billboard Live TOKYO, she’s giving her first music concert.“Yoshida Yo Night Spectacles The Parallel ~ Utau Sheep ~ 25th Anniversary Special”So, I took off my “role” and challenged the stage.

This is also the first of WOWOW’s “Night Spectacles” series of concerts by actors.

In addition to singing in the movie “Frozen 2” and Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s “Pocari Sweat” commercial, he also performed as a guest in JUJU’s “Kai sou yo ne (with HITSUJI)” in 2018 and co-starred in JUJU’s Nippon Budokan performance. Yoshida sheep who also cameIn other words, he entrusted him with a memorable top batter.

Yoshida, a popular actor with a well-established singing voice, is sure to attract attention if it becomes the first music concert in his life. In addition, he played the role of a couple in the Taiga drama “Sanada Maru” and the remote drama “May 2020 Love” (WOWOW), which became a hot topic.Yo Oizumiguest appearance has also been decided. Expectations are also rising for the witty talk of the two, who are popular with fans as a “yoyo” duo.

Such music, movies, dramas, theater…A quick report on the first night and the first performance of “Yoshida Yo Night Spectacles The Parallel ~ Utau Sheep ~ 25th Anniversary Special” presented by Yoshida, who is loved by all kinds of entertainment. Deliver.In addition, live distribution on September 23 (Friday / holiday)1663900125_207_Music-concert-by-Yo-Yoshi1663900126_698_Music-concert-by-Yo-Yoshi1663900127_227_Music-concert-by-Yo-Yoshiis on sale to great acclaim.

What song will you sing for the first time at the 25th anniversary concert? As the band members took the stage and were greeted with applause, everyone at the venue must have imagined it in their heads. Appearing in vivid costumes, Yoshida began singing a song from the movie “Funny Girl” that makes you feel like a wish for the future stage. He sang powerfully, as if to signal the beginning of a concert.

Next, he performed a jazzy arrangement of two Western songs, including a song from “The Sound of Music” called “Memories of Memories I Listened to With My Mother”. It’s a song selection that makes you feel like you’re being led to an adult night in the glamorous space of Billboard Tokyo.

If you think about it, one song from the “Pocari Sweat” commercial in which you appear is Yumi Arai’s sentimental masterpiece. It was impressive how she sang with a warm band sound and hugging each word carefully.

The title of this live, “The Parallel”, is a delusional world = parallel world where “I’m an actor, but if there was a world called ‘Yoshida Yo, a singer’, I might have done a live like this.” Her humble personality, respect for music, and pride in her acting can be felt in such a place.

Perhaps because he is such a person, in response to Yoshida’s desire to entertain the eyes of fans by changing costumes every few songs, Ogiyahagi, who played the role of a married couple with Yoshida, and the leading figure who discovered Yoshida. Various guests such as Kiichi Nakai and Koki Mitani, who has used Yoshida in numerous works, appeared in the planned VTR during the costume change, greatly entertaining the audience.

The middle stage may have been a term that gave a glimpse of Yoshida Yo, who is the most real face. Dressed in her kimono, she enthusiastically sang the glamorous Showa Kayo songs and the songs of Ringo Shiina, who professed to be a big fan of her. I wonder if she usually livens up the place like this, she clapped her hands and encouraged the audience to clap.

Singing Fuyumi Sakamoto’s number theatrically proved that she is an expressive person who shines on stage. In the up-tempo chorus, the audience voluntarily clapped their hands, and it was also impressive that they felt a sense of unity with the live performance.

Yo Yoshida Photo: Maiko Miyagawa

Yo Yoshida Photo: Maiko Miyagawa

The final stage is the duet part with Oizumi. Yoshida, who changed into a chic outfit, welcomed the guest, saying, “From here on, it’s Yo Oizumi,” and began singing Billy Joel’s number with a warm and nostalgic sound. When the two of them gazed at each other, their voices overlapped, and the beautiful harmony resounded in the venue, everyone must have been mesmerized.

However, as soon as the song ended, Oizumi teased, “Is it so close?

In the episode where it was difficult to select a song for a duet as a guest, there was also an act where Yoshida blamed him, saying, “I didn’t get a reply… Mr. Oizumi, I thought you were busy, but you went on a family trip.” From such a light talk, it seems that the relationship of trust between the two can be seen through.

Just when I thought the talk would continue like this, a mechanical heavenly voice repeatedly said, “It’s time.” “I prepared an alarm as a countermeasure against Mr. Oizumi,” said Yoshida, and the audience laughed and applauded. “I still can’t sing enough. Interacting with fans in such a relaxed manner is also one of the things Yoshida wanted to achieve in this special live.

The second duet song is a song that the two loved and hummed when they were children. Oizumi’s voice adds depth to Yoshida’s dignified and beautiful song. In the chorus, the passionate singing voices of the two overlapped, and the space where the red lights and the disco ball sparkled mysteriously made the world view of the song even more three-dimensional.

Oizumi left the stage with a big round of applause, and finally it was time for the finale.

“Thank you for supporting us for 25 years. Everyone’s voices make Yoshida sheep half-made.” Then, as if he was thinking about what had happened up to that point, and sometimes he sang as if he were talking to the audience, and there was a quiet power, just like in a one-man show. This song may have been an ale from Yoshida for fans living in the present.

The audience erupted in enthusiastic applause asking for an encore.

The all-lasting song is “colorful”, the first original song for Yo Yoshida, written by himself. This is said to be based on the motif of “May 2020 Love” played with Oizumi. With a gentle band sound without effort, the clear singing voice that lovingly sang the lyrics that cut out casual everyday life would have gently permeated every corner of the venue.

At the curtain call, Shu Kanematsu, who served as the music director of this live, and other band members and Oizumi gathered. It is a coincidence that Kanematsu was in charge of the accompaniment for a drama in which Yoshida once appeared.

Yoshida called this live a delusional world, but the worlds that he thought were parallel eventually crossed over and mingled gracefully. No one has ever seen a Yoshida sheep like this. However, because of her 25 years as an actor, this music live was realized, and it was a one-of-a-kind concert that can be expressed because she is an actor who has always loved music. I would like you to experience the happiness of being enchanted for such a precious hour and a half.

(Text: Yuko Kikkawa / Photography: Maiko Miyagawa)

Performance information

“Yoshida Yo Night Spectacles The Parallel ~ Utau Sheep ~ 25th Anniversary Special”

■ Date and time

End: September 22nd (Thursday) 1st stage open 16:00 start 17:00

2nd stage open 19:00 start 20:00

September 23 (Friday/holiday) 1st stage Open 15:30 Start 16:30

2nd stage Open 18:30 Start 19:30

■ Venue: Billboard Live TOKYO


Cast: Yo Yoshida

Special Guest: Yo Oizumi

Music Director/Piano: Shu Kanematsu

Bass: Yosuke Terao Drums: Kazuhiro Odagiri Guitar: Okay Takagi Violin: Tomohiro Ishii Reed: Haruka Sasaki

Advertising photo: Kazumi Kurigami Advertising design: Kaoru Kasai

Planning/Production: WOWOW Organizer: Billboard Live TOKYO

Live distribution date and time: September 23, 2022 (Friday / holiday) 19:30-

* If you watch from the middle, it will be live distribution from that point, and you can not rewind and play.

*There is no archive (missed) delivery.

■ Viewing fee

・WOWOW WEB account onlyMusic-concert-by-Yo-Yoshida-922-Official1663900125_207_Music-concert-by-Yo-Yoshi1663900126_698_Music-concert-by-Yo-Yoshi1663900127_227_Music-concert-by-Yo-Yoshi: 3,000 yen (tax included) (WOWOW WEB account registration is free)
・GeneralMusic-concert-by-Yo-Yoshida-922-Official1663900125_207_Music-concert-by-Yo-Yoshi1663900126_698_Music-concert-by-Yo-Yoshi1663900127_227_Music-concert-by-Yo-Yoshi: 3,500 yen (tax included)

■ Sales period: Until 20:00 on Friday, September 23, 2022

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