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Ben Simmons, who restarts, confesses his heart “No one helped me at the Sixers”-Basket Count | Basket Count

Ben Simmons, who restarts, confesses his heart “No one helped me at the Sixers”-Basket Count | Basket Count
Ben Simmons, who restarts, confesses his heart “No one helped me at the Sixers”-Basket Count | Basket Count

Expectations for the new season “I’m excited about the new number, the new jersey”

Ben Simmons has spoken out on JJ Reddick’s podcast about his lack of a game last season and the Nets’ comeback this season.

Simmons fell into a serious shooting slump in the Eastern Conference Semifinals last season, passing when he should have, and was the target of hack tactics. He refused to play for the Sixers after being criticized by fans and the media, as well as having his teammates and head coach blamed for the loss. A large trade including James Harden was completed in the middle of last season, and he moved to the Nets.

The transfer has been completed, but the troubles have not yet subsided. He had a back injury and could have returned in Game 4 of the first round of the playoffs against the Celtics, but was unable to play. The bruised Nets were swept by the Celtics. “I wanted to go to Game 4, but I couldn’t jump, I couldn’t dunk because my back muscles were sore. I was frustrated by all the things that were said, but I tried not to worry about it,” Simmons said.

“I needed help and no one helped me,” Simmons candidly said of his troubled relationship with the Sixers.

He also explained that he was removed from commander Doc Rivers because of his bad practice attitude. “Before practice, I told Doc that I wasn’t ready yet. He was like, ‘Okay,’ but then a minute into practice, he said, ‘Ben, come in.’ That’s funny. “I felt like they were hurting me on purpose. If I didn’t train, I got fined, and fines piled up for little things. Maybe I did it wrong, but so did the team.”

But for him now, the scandal with the Sixers is a thing of the past. “All I want is peace and happiness. I don’t care what it costs to be in a good environment.”

However, no matter where you play, you will always be required to improve your shooting power. His defense and playmaking are among the best in the league, but if he continues to suffer from the weakness of not being able to shoot anywhere except under goal, he will have a bad experience with the Sixers again. “Yeah, that’s my weakness. I want to practice more and get better, but that’s part of the game. If I was a no-nonsense player, no one would talk about me.”

Although the topics tend to be negative, Simmons wanted to talk more about the future than the past, and his expectations for the new season starting with the Nets. “I think it’s going to be a great season. I’m excited about the new numbers, the new jerseys. We’re going to be a special team. We’ll be in New York with great players and a great coaching staff. All the strength. Together, we should be champions.”

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