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Developed by ValveHalf-Life 2was announced in 2004first person shooter(FPS) has become a hot topic for its beautiful graphics and realistic reproduction of physical phenomena using the game engine “Source Engine” developed by Valve over five years. A very realistic corpse appears in such Half-Life 2, but it turned out that the face of the actual corpse was used for this corpse.

Half-Life 2 Fans Discover That Corpse Model Was Ripped From Real Medical Book

Fans Discover Half-Life 2 Corpse Has Actual Dead Human’s Face

Half-Life 2 is set in a world where mankind is ruled by the power of “Combine”, and an elite physicist who graduated from MIT graduate school saves the world with a crowbar in one hand while following the instructions of a mysterious man, G-MAN. Content. The world is devastated by the control and surveillance of the Combine, and corpses are often seen in the streets.

The source of the corpse was discovered on the online bulletin board site Reddit, on the subreddit r/eyeblech, where only grotesque photos and videos are posted, along with the comment, “Several terrible photos from forensic textbooks.” The photo that was taken was the trigger.

And one of them posted on Reddit has a comment saying “This is just like the face of a corpse in Half-Life 2”, and as a result of verification by the user, the right eye part of the original photo is changed to the left eye It turns out that there is a very high possibility that it will be used as it is just by copying it.

After that, put together various information about Valve gamesRichter OvertimeHowever, the following movie was released to explain the details of the matter, and this fact became widely known.

The burnt corpse from GMod is a real body-YouTube

In the first place, the grotesque corpse graphic has been used since the beta version of Half-Life 2. Half-Life 2 isBeta source code leaked in 2003As a result, Valve had to omit part of the story and setting, and had to make major changes to the in-game stages and gimmicks. Although it was decided to recreate almost the whole story in just one year, it seems that many of the graphics used in the product version are still being used from the beta version as it is not possible to update the graphics as a whole. It is said that the beta version was darker and more gloomy than the product version, and it is thought that the too grotesque corpse expression is because the content of the beta version remains strong.

This corpse graphic is not only for Half-Life 2, but also for the physics sandbox game “Half-Life 2 model and Source Engine”Garry’s Mod” is also used. This Garry’s Mod is a game released in 2006, but it is a popular game even at the time of article creation, and a mod that replaces the corpse graphic with another graphic has already appeared at the time of article creation.

Steam Workshop::Removed Real Corpse from Hobo Texture

Kotaku, a gaming news site, asked Valve about the origin of the corpse graphic issue and whether there are plans to fix it in a future patch, but at the time of writing, it has not received a response. is.

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