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“Cosmos” receives subsidy of 20 million yen illegally when opening a nursery school? Operates licensed nursery schools in 21 locations in Tokyo: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Kodasuzu Cosmo Nursery School opened by Cosmos in the spring of 2022 in Kodaira City

When “Cosmos” (head office: Koganei City, Tokyo), which operates licensed nursery schools in 21 locations in Tokyo, opens a total of two nursery schools in Mitaka and Kodaira, the government and local governments will subsidize at least 20 million yen in total. Interviews with people involved revealed that there was a suspicion that he had received an excessive amount of money illegally. The two cities believe that there is a possibility of intentional fraudulent receipt, and will hear from Cosmos about the situation and discuss countermeasures with the metropolitan government and other related organizations. (Katsunori Hanai)

Cosmos established an unlicensed nursery school in Koganei City in 1974 and incorporated it in 2012. Hiroshi Sano (80), the founder and former city councilor, still serves as the representative director and chairman. In an interview with the newspaper, Mr. Sano said, “Currently, it is not yet the time to report.

Mitaka City’s Mitaka Cosmo Nursery School (opened in April 2019, capacity: 109 children) and Kodaira City’s Kodasuzu Cosmo Nursery School (April 2019, 80 children) are said to have received benefits illegally. Man).

Mitaka Cosmo Nursery School opened by Cosmos in the spring of 2019 in Mitaka City, Tokyo.

Mitaka Cosmo Nursery School opened by Cosmos in the spring of 2019 in Mitaka City, Tokyo.

When opening a nursery school, subsidies are available for the construction of the building itself, which includes nursery rooms, etc., but outside construction such as fences and planting is not. However, according to the city of Mitaka and other sources, Cosmos seems to have applied for the subsidy by incorporating the external construction costs of the two nursery schools into the main construction costs. The construction work was contracted by different contractors in the Tama area, and it is possible that Cosmos’ side was at work in changing the construction cost items.

According to the cities of Mitaka and Kodaira, Mr. Sano and Cosmos executives visited the two city halls in January and apologized, saying, “We applied for expenses that should not have been recorded,” and expressed their intention to repay. The total amount of overpayment reported to both cities is more than 20 million yen, but Cosmos is continuing its internal investigation, and there is a possibility that it will increase in the future.

Since 2014, Cosmos has opened 16 new kindergartens in Tokyo one after another in response to measures by local governments to eliminate waiting lists for nursery schools, and has grown by incorporating two kindergartens into the group. The number of children in the kindergarten rapidly expanded to a scale of 1400. Affiliated companies include Civic Movement Newspaper and Cosmo Education Center.

◆ Why are there a series of fraudulent receipts at nursery schools?

Last year, global kids, a major childcare company based in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, inflated the number of childcare workers and design costs, and illegally received subsidies from at least nine cities and wards in Tokyo. There is no end to it in various places, such as being discovered. The problems of the entry of profit-oriented companies, lax administrative audits, and complicated systems have become apparent.

The public funds used to open and operate private daycare centers are provided by the national government and local governments based on the application of the businesses. Since the 2010s, when waiting lists for nursery schools became a social issue, the government has increased subsidies by improving the system and allowed companies to enter the market for profit.

Miki Kobayashi, a journalist who is well versed in childcare issues, said, “There are some business operators who deliberately commit fraud, such as overestimating the amount of money they estimate. It is also possible to deceive the use of a portion of operating expenses under the guise of “flexible investment”.

There are cases in which local governments advocating the enhancement of childcare have set up their own subsidies for operating expenses.

The “National Childcare Organization Liaison Committee” (Tokyo) made up of nursery teachers and managersreal way(I got it right)Vice Chairman Nobuko said, “We should raise the official price set by the government, which is the basis of operating expenses, and simplify the system and accounting system.” (Okunohi)

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