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In ancient times, a ninja’s shark extermination depicting different fighting battles! “Youju Kitan Ninja VS Shark” released on April 14: movie news


January 26, 2023 17:00

Ninja VS Shark!

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A Japanese movie has finally entered the unprecedented shark movie boom, and it was revealed that the new movie “Ninja VS Shark”, which depicts the ultimate battle between ninjas and sharks, will be released on April 14th.

The setting is the Edo period, when the slaughtered corpses of villagers are found on the beach in Okitsu village, a remote area. Mizuchi Sameshirou, the leader of the heresy group Koumashu, uses ninjutsu to force sharks to collect pearls from the villagers in order to gain the power of immortality. Frustrated by this situation, the village chief goes to see Kotaro Shiozaki, a bodyguard at a temple on the outskirts of the village, to ask for help. Kotaro accepts the job with a reward, but a female ninja named Kikuma appears in his path. Kotaro challenges Sameshirou to save the villagers, but what appears in front of him is a gigantic shark that doesn’t seem like anything from this world.

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The director is Koichi Sakamoto, who has created many special effects heroes such as “Power Rangers,” “Ultraman,” and “Kamen Rider.” Hiroshi Hirano of ‘Ultraman Z’ will play Kotaro, and Shun Nishime of ‘Kamen Rider Ghost’ will play Shinsuke who fights with Kotaro, who will be the double star. In addition, the heroine, Sayo, will be challenged by Juria Nagano, who has many titles such as actress, nurse, world number one in karate, and professional wrestler.

From April 14, Human Trust Cinema Shibuya, Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa, Shinjuku Cinema Karite, etc. will be released nationwide. Comments are as follows.

[Koichi Sakamoto (Director)]
A great movie has been made! “Ninja” x “Shark”! A dream match that no one could have imagined!
A miraculous fusion of two major genres that are popular both in Japan and overseas!Ninjas, ninjutsu, action, zombies, splatters, and sharks… non-stop entertainment with high calories lol
Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy it with a big reaction with an empty head!

[Hiroshika Hirano (role of Kotaro)]
I’m Hirochika Hirano, who played the role of Kotaro.
I was very happy when I received the offer, partly because I had been Director Sakamoto since the Ultraman series.
It’s an action-packed work that only Director Sakamoto can, and it’s a development that you can’t miss every second.
I am also blessed with the cast, and all the characters that appear are shining.
Please visit the theater.

[Shun Nishime (as Shinsuke)]
I played Shinsuke. It’s Shun Nishime!
Memories of filming… Hitting waves, climbing mountains, fighting on sandy beaches, getting bloody.
It was a tough shoot!smile
That’s why it’s worth doing, and I think it’s a work that all the cast staff worked desperately to complete.
Please fall in love with the masculinity of the role of Shinsuke lol!

[Juria Nagano (role of Sashiro)]
Most of the filming took place in the ocean, so the cast and crew swam a lot during
Since it’s a shark movie, I want you to enjoy the heart-pounding suspense and director Sakamoto’s cool action! A period drama with sharks, blood, and action.

[Kane Miyahara (as Hyakuen Chrysanthemum Demon)]
In the midst of my favorite Director Sakamoto and the wonderful cast, I went on a rampage in my own way (!?).
I challenged the atmosphere that I don’t usually do, so I hope you enjoy it.

[Yuichi Nakamura (Mizuchi Sameshiro/Kiyomaru role)]
I thought that Director Koichi Sakamoto is a wonderful director who is loved and loved by the staff and cast.
I don’t want to say anything about the story or role right now.
Please enjoy the fantastic story in the theater.
We are waiting for you at the cinema.

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