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Live distribution of the musical “Hetalia ~The Fantastic World~” has been decided! Live distribution of all 5 performances including Senshugaku in Osaka and Tokyo!

[Animate Holdings Co., Ltd.]

We will deliver new information from Frontier Works Co., Ltd. (Animate Group)!

It will finally start on April 7th (Friday) in Osaka.
Musical “Hetalia ~The Fantastic World~”Live distribution has been decided! !

in Osaka and TokyoLive distribution of all 5 performances including Chiakiraku on U-NEXT!
moreover,Sale of “5 performances ticket” that allows you to watch all 5 performances also decided.

All distribution will be multi-angle distribution,A new attempt to enjoy switching between “switching video” and “full view video” by yourself and!

In addition, each delivery ticket includesBonus video where you can watch messages from the cast and making of Also included, full of fun elements.
We will deliver plenty of the world of “Hetamyu” through distribution.

Please continue to look forward to the musical “Hetalia FW” unfolding with the pleasant friends!

Live streaming overview

■ Distribution platform
“U-NEXT” (

■ Delivery details
1. April 9th ​​12:30 performance (Osaka performance, daytime)
2. April 9, 17:30 performance (Osaka performance, night performance)
[Ticket sales deadline]Until 20:00 on April 16, 2023
[Deadline for watching missed delivery]Until 23:59 on April 16, 2023

3. April 10th 13:00 Performance (Osaka Senshugaku Performance)
[Ticket sales deadline]Until 20:00 on April 17, 2023
[Deadline for watching missed delivery]Until 23:59 on April 17, 2023

4. April 23rd 11:30 performance (Tokyo University Senshugaku performance, daytime)
5. April 23, 16:00 performance (Tokyo University Senshugaku performance, night performance)
[Ticket sales deadline]Until 20:00 on April 30, 2023
[Deadline for watching missed delivery]Until 23:59 on April 30, 2023

■ Ticket price
・ 1 performance viewing ticket: 3,700 yen each (tax included)
・ 5 performances pass ticket: 14,800 yen (tax included) *Through ticket bonus bromide set included

1: Select one of the 5 performances.
2: Select[Purchase tickets]in the work details.
3: On the confirmation screen, you will see the options for a single-day ticket and a ticket for all 5 performances.
If you select the 4:5 performance ticket, the purchase will be confirmed.

* After each live distribution ends, you can watch the missed distribution until the viewing deadline. Please note that the viewing deadline differs depending on the purchased ticket.
* All distributions are multi-angle distributions, and customers can enjoy switching between “switching video” and “full view video” by themselves.

*Caution: The viewing deadlines for missed broadcasts of 1. to 3. (Osaka performance live broadcast) will end on April 16 and April 17, respectively.
Please note that even if you purchase a ticket for all 5 performances after the above deadline, you will not be able to watch the missed broadcasts of 1. to 3.

* Details of the “through ticket bonus bromide set” will be announced at a later date.
*The receipt method will be sent to the email address registered in the U-NEXT main account where you purchased the ticket for all 5 performances. Please check in advance that the email address is correct.

■ Bonus footage
《1. Delivery ticket》 Cast first day message video A
《2. Delivery ticket》 Cast first day message video B
《3. Delivery ticket》 Rehearsal hall petit making video
“4. Delivery ticket” Cast petit roundtable video
《5. Delivery ticket》 Cast “live” comment video * Delivered from behind the scenes in real time on the day

■ Delivery details:
*For details, please check the delivery details page above.

Performance overview

Performance title: Musical “Hetalia ~The Fantastic World~”

◆Performance schedule:
[大阪公演] April 7 (Friday) to April 10 (Monday), 2023

[東京公演] Saturday, April 15, 2023 to Sunday, April 23, 2023

◆ Venue: [大阪公演] Higashiosaka Cultural Creation Center Dream House Large Hall (2-3-4 Mikuriya Minami, Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
[東京公演] Japan Seinenkan Hall (4-1 Kasumigaokacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

Original: “Hetalia World Stars” Hidekazu Himaruya (serialized in Shueisha “Shonen Jump +”)
◆Direction: Kotaro Yoshitani ◆Screenplay: Yuusei Naruse
◆ Choreography: MAMORU ◆ Music: tak ◆ Music Director & Singing Instruction: Rika Mizuno
◆ Stage costume design: Tomoko Shin (COMO Inc.) ◆ Costume production: COMO Inc. ◆ Hair and makeup: Yuji Nishimura (earch)
◆Photographer: Fuhito Kanayama ◆Advertising art: Mariko Hao (Mujina:art)

The role of Italy is Ryoyuki Nagae, the role of Germany is Yusuke Ueda, the role of Japan is Keisuke Ueda.
The role of America is Ryujo Isogai, the role of England is Daisuke Hirose, the role of France is Juri.
The role of China is Taishi Sugie, the role of Spain is James Takeshi Yamada, the role of Prussia is Manabu Takamoto, the role of Holland is Toru Isono.
Shoji Nakata, Naoki Machida, Seiya Ito, Kei Yamaguchi, Yusuke Matsuzaki, Mashu Yasuhisa, Musashi Maruyama, Hiroki Funabashi

◆ Planning and production: 4cu (Frontier Works Inc.)
◆ Production: FAB Co., Ltd.
◆Osaka Co-organizer: PFI Higashi-Osaka Cultural Creation Center Co., Ltd.
Sponsored by: Musical “Hetalia FW” Production Committee

What is “Hetalia”

The original is a popular comic by Hidekazu Himaruya, which is serialized in “Jump +” (Shueisha) and has sold over 600,000 copies in total.
“Hetalia World★Stars”.
The anime “Hetalia World Stars” is currently being distributed, and it is a popular national comedy.

4 CUs

“Always create new things by yourself, keep exploring without losing curiosity, don’t be afraid of change,
Move forward with faith

Frontier Works Inc.’s brand “4cu” focuses on the stage business.
In addition to planning and producing stage works based on anime and games, we will develop LIVE and video production.

– Official website:
– Official Twitter: @4cu_official (
● Official Instagram: 4cu_official (
-Official YouTube:

Company press release details (2023/03/18-17:46)

The article is in Japanese

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