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2023.3.18 VS Chanson Round 1 | Yamanashi Queen Beads Basketball Club

Yamanashi QB 63–99 Chanson
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Today’s score leader Nanami Hamanishi wins her 3rd Mobasapo Award
Manami Wakahara, who returned after two months, said, “The weakness of the ball was conspicuous in the lost game.
I stood on the court to take care of one ball,” encouraging the team with a loose ball rebound.

Awaken the chemistry of smiles! !

The first half had great expectations that they could go today, but in just a few minutes after the start of the second half, the flow of the game was greatly tilted to Chanson’s side, and it was not possible to turn back the flow. 1 Piri, Chanson’s powerful inside parley He struggles with Ruseaneheirara Noriko Izoje’s Uche, but with the remaining 3 minutes press pressures Chanson’s offense from the front and the team gears up. Inviting the opponent’s mistake to shorten the lead of chanson to 21-22 and 1 points to the 2th period.

The effect of the press defense did not decline, and with 4 minutes and 22 seconds remaining, Ayana Nakayama made a 35-33 turnaround. Queen Bees was successful in taking care of the inside, but from here Chanson’s Mai Yoshida sunk three points in a row, ending the first half with a score of 40-46. Although they returned to chasing after each other, Queen Bees’s signature offense of this season, “People and the ball keep moving”, and “Press” defense, which puts pressure from the front, raise high expectations in the second half.

However, the situation of the game changed completely in the 3rd piri, and the movement stopped before Chanson’s zone defense, and the pass mistakes continued. This zone defense lasted just over two minutes, but against Queen Bees, who lost his rhythm during this time, Chanson collected the ball to Ruseane Heirala Noriko, who was on the inside, and opened a 42-54 lead. With 6 minutes and 43 seconds remaining and the lead widening to 16 points, Queenbees timed out, and 180cm Ammorpreet tried to make a comeback by throwing in his call on the inside, but the situation did not change and he was pushed to 60. The game ended with a big gap of -93. His record against Chanson was nine straight losses.

At the beginning of the second half when the tide turned, captain Oka Moeno looked back on this scene, saying, “The opponent’s momentary zone defense stopped me and I made a pass mistake, and the flow was taken away from there.” Wakahara, who returned to the battlefield for the first time in two months, said, “In the second half, the engine was slow to start, and our momentum dropped. When the opponent increased their intensity, we became passive and cut off the flow. I couldn’t do it,” he regrets this scene.

After the game, head coach Kanji Kaneko, Oka, Wakahara, and Honoka Tsuchida looked back on how they played in the first half and talked about what they had been working on this season. In the second half, the pressure is increasing and the Queen Beads, who have taken the lead many times this season against the opponents who have changed their fighting style, will they be able to face the opponents who are increasing their output with unbeatable output? Or will we raise the pressure first?
What kind of answer will you prepare for the one game left this season?

After the match, Nanami Hamanishi, who won the Mobasapo Award, greeted the fans and boosters in the venue, saying, “Just like Moe said, I want to end tomorrow with a good face.”

Tomorrow’s game 2, if the players finish with a good face (smile), everyone watching the venue and the broadcast
I’m sure you’ll look good.

Awaken the chemistry of smiles! !

Head coach/player talk

Kanji Kaneko Head Coach
I managed to keep up in the first half, but the 3 piri was painful at 10-34-. The points that made the difference in the game suppressed Chanson’s powerful inside well in the first half, but it worked like a body blow in the second half.
And the point that Yoshida’s three could not be suppressed.
Offense and defense are cyclical. In the first half, we got shots and had a good cycle in defense, but in the second half, turnovers and mistakes caused the gears to go out of order, and we couldn’t create opportunities for the strong press.
I want to review the video and prepare for tomorrow to see what I can do.

Captain Moeno Oka
In the first half, the flow was good, and we were able to hit shots with all our might.

3 piri, the team has been rattled from where it was released.
The flow might have been different if we had gone as hard as we could at the beginning.
Tomorrow is the last day and we want to give everything we’ve done.
The members who came back from injury came back with their thoughts. Those who stand on the court also play their roles with a strong feeling, and we all want to win and finish.

Manami Wakahara

Until I stood on the court, I was happy that many people supported me and believed in me and waited for me.
There were trainers who took care of me and trained me, and I was able to stand on the court. He fought with the hope that he could express his gratitude on the court.
I haven’t been able to contribute to the team this season due to a lot of injuries.
I want to win the last game with this team that I love so much
When I stand on the court, I want to do my best and finish with a win.

Honoka Tsuchida

Even though we were able to fight so well in the first half, if we were able to run like that at the beginning of the third period, the opponent would gain momentum and we could not return the flow. The defense didn’t work and it was easy to decide the three. It can’t be helped because of the height, but we couldn’t run even after the decision was made, and the opponent did what we wanted to do.
How can we change that tomorrow?
I want to win tomorrow.
If you ask me how to repay the fans, boosters, and everyone involved, I have no choice but to win.
Tomorrow, I want to attack more and give momentum to the team so that we can all win together.

The article is in Japanese

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