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Announced all coaches and MCs for the world’s top music audition program “The Voice Japan”. Jie Kawahira will be the MC, Shikao Suga and Izumi Nakasone (HY) will be the coaches!


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Information on all performers of the music audition program “THE VOICE JAPAN” has been lifted.

The world’s best music audition program “The Voice Japan”, which has won four Emmy Awards, will be broadcast nationwide from April 2023 on terrestrial channels and others. It was announced that singer-songwriter Yuri will be the first coach, and Maximum The Hormone core member Maximum The Ryo will be the second coach. HY) has been appointed. All the courses are now available.

In addition, Yoshihide Kawahira will be appointed as the program MC, music producer Yoshihiko Nishio will be appointed as a mega mentor, and Akimitsu Homma, also a music producer, will be appointed as music director.

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■ Suga Shikao profile

Debuted on February 26, 1997 with the song “Hit Chart wo Kakenukero”.
In 2011, announced independence from the affiliated office. He has been doing his own activities that are not bound by the framework of major / indies, but in 2014 he completely returned to the major field with the single “Astride / LIFE”.
In 2017, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut, they held their own “Suga Fes!” at Saitama Super Arena and Osaka Castle Hall.
In 2022, the 25th anniversary special live will be held in Tokyo and Osaka. Also, in June, the collaboration with figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu at “Fantasy on Ice 2022”, which will be held by top skaters who are active in the Olympics and world championships, became a big topic.

From September 16th of the same year, a nationwide 10-performance hall tour “25th Anniversary Tour Daikanshasai 2022” was held, including Tokyo International Forum Hall A, and ended with great success.
On February 1, 2023, the 12th original album “Innocent” will be released to conclude the 25th anniversary. On the anniversary of their debut on February 26th, they held their annual live performance at Nakano Sunplaza “Hitori Sugar VS Funksaurus”. The funk group “Funksaurus” launched by Suga’s Shikao on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Suga’s 25th anniversary and the singing performance “Hitori Sugar” excited the packed venue with a joint band project.

The new song “Hachimitsu” will be released on April 12th. Also, it has been decided that Funksaurus will hold his 1st tour “Oretachi Funksaurus” starting on May 11th at Namba HATCH in Osaka.
Suga Shikao HP:

Suga Shikao Special Site:

Suga Shikao’s comment
▼How to coach The Voice Japan
What is singing? It’s not about technique. Technique is of course important, but you can already compete in areas other than technique. It’s because there’s something really in your voice, or there’s a message on top of the song, and those slightly invisible parts are probably in the song, so if you’re just good at singing, I don’t think you’ll get caught. I don’t know.
I feel like I want to give proper advice that singing is a one-liner, but I can’t give technical advice at all. It’s more about how you approach the song.

▼ What is the appeal of The Voice?
Since the focus is on singing, I don’t think you can survive with a half-baked one-shot performance, and I think only really great singers can survive, so I think it’s a place where it’s easy to meet the real thing. I will.

Profile of Izumi Nakasone (HY)

Keyboard and vocalist of the Okinawa-based band “HY”.
HY was formed in 2000. Izumi Nakasone, the only girl, is supported by both men and women for her straight songs like “NAO” and “366 days” and her character that is sometimes strict, sometimes funny, and full of individuality. She is a mother of one child, and while she feels the difficulty of balancing her work and housework, she faces each step one by one. many. HY plans to hold “HY Kafuu TOUR 2023” in June and July 2023.

●SNS channel
≪Izumi Nakasone YouTube≫:
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≪HY Official Web Site “HY ROAD”≫ ◆
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≪HY Official LINE≫ ◆@hyline

■ Comment from HY Izumi Nakasone
▼How to coach The Voice Japan
My task this time is to draw out people’s sensibilities, to draw out their own stories that appeal to people, and to draw out the lyrics and singing that make them shine the most. I would like to work on it thinking about it.
It’s not like I teach them something just because I’m a coach, but I want to be like their family, like their friends, like their brothers. And I think.

▼ What is the appeal of The Voice?
There are people who wonder if they got accepted because they look really cute, and there are people who wonder why they can’t rise to the top even though they sing so well and their expressiveness is amazing.
In this audition, you really choose by voice, not by appearance.
That’s why I feel like that kind of audition finally came to Japan.

■ Yoshihide Kawahira Profile

actor. He is from Okinawa prefecture. In 1986, he made his acting debut in his musical MONKEY. Since then, he has appeared in many dramas, commercials, and movies, mainly on stage. He is also known as a soccer navigator. In 1997, he won the 4th Yomiuri Theater Award for Best Actor in the musical “Singing in the Rain”. Major appearances in recent years include the stage: “Slumdog Millionaire” (directed by Misaki Setoyama), “Forever Plaid” (directed by Kyoichi Itagaki), NODA MAP “THE BEE” “Fake Spear” (directed by Hideki Noda), ” Yabuhara Kengyo” (directed by Kunio Sugihara), “Big Fish” (directed by Akira Shirai, who won the 45th Kazuo Kikuta Theater Award as Edward Bloom), and “Show Girl” (written, written and directed by Koki Mitani). Television: “Unprecedented Phoenix” (ANB), “Silent Voice” (BS TV Tokyo), “Korenande Shokai” (ETV), etc. Movies: “I don’t remember!”

■ About Mega Mentor
Responsible for providing advice and support to the winning members.

■ Yoshihiko Nishio profile

Music Producer / Lyricist/Composer / Music Academy Voice Jukucho
Representative of V Project Co., Ltd. and Second Stage Co., Ltd.
Many artists such as Ayaka, Leo Ieiri, chay, Vaundy, Chilli Beans.
His skills in discovering and nurturing raw talents and leading them to major debuts are highly evaluated in the music world. He continues to discover and produce artists while teaching at a music cram school.

■ About Music Director
Responsible for music production in the program.

Profile of Akimitsu Homma
Born in 1964. Composer, keyboardist, music producer.
So far, he has provided music for Porno Graffitti, arranged music for Komi Hirose and Ayumi Hamasaki, arranged live performances for Noriyuki Makihara, and acted as a band master. In recent years, he has worked with artists of various genres, including Masayuki Suzuki, Ikimonogakari, Kaela Kimura, Taiiku Okazaki, Little Glee Monster, Ai Furihata, Kanjani8, and Bicke Blanca. He is also a curator of the outdoor festival “Nagaoka Yone Hundred Bales Festival” held in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, a guest appearance on TV Asahi’s “Kanjam Kannen SHOW”, and a musical director of musicals. ing. In 2020, he will be appointed as the label producer of the new label “Purple One Star”, and it is important to pay attention to the development of new production work. In 2022, he is expanding his range of activities, such as producing an original single and album commemorating the 50th anniversary of his debut, Yoshimi Tendo, a senior in his hometown of Yao City, Osaka Prefecture.

■ About The Voice

The Voice is a music audition program that finds the best “voice” in the country. Talented people in all kinds of songs, not appearances, gather and collide with singing voices, and the winner is given the title of “The Voice Japan”. At The Voice, there is no so-called judging, and four top-class artists act as “coaches” to find the singing voices of promising vocalists who are still unknown and coach them. In the “blind audition” at the beginning of the program, the coaches cannot see the vocalists performing with their own eyes, and must sit behind the stage and hear only the vocalists’ voices to judge the vocalists’ abilities. . In the next stage, the “Battle Round”, the winning vocalists collide with each other in the ring with their voices and vocal talents. And at the final live show, the show’s viewers voted for their favorite vocalist, and in the end, only one vocalist would win The Voice.

■The Voice Japan Official SNS

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