Prime Minister Kishida gives ‘Shamoji’ to Kiew with ‘Umaibo Box’ | Nippon Cultural Broadcasting

Prime Minister Kishida gives ‘Shamoji’ to Kiew with ‘Umaibo Box’ | Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
Prime Minister Kishida gives ‘Shamoji’ to Kiew with ‘Umaibo Box’ | Nippon Cultural Broadcasting

On March 24, “Good Morning Tera-chan” (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting) had Friday commentator Yosuke Naito, a postal scholar, and Naomasa Terashima, announcer of the program, discuss Prime Minister Kishida’s visit to Ukraine.

One sniper?I need to question the person responsible

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno revealed at a press conference on the afternoon of the 23rd that Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who was visiting Ukraine, brought a rice scoop and a lantern with the motif of folded paper cranes as a gift to President Zelensky. bottom. Matsuno explained why he chose the gift, saying, “It is to convey my prayers for peace and encouragement to President Zelensky, who is standing up to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.” According to a government official, the rice scoop was made in Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture, and bears the characters “Kisatsu” and the signature of “Fumio Kishida.” The lamps are from Hiroshima’s pottery “Miyajima Osunayaki”.
The shamoji means “to take food from the enemy,” and is also used as a gift. During the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese Wars, it is said that soldiers on their way to the battlefield dedicated many rice scoops.

“I remembered about rice paddles, but when I attended a seminar for a year after graduating from high school, I used to hand out rice paddles in the fall.” (Mr. Naito)

“At the teenage seminar?” (Anna Terashima)

“Yeah, it means something like ‘call for success’. Also, regarding rice scoops, Hiroshima was the Imperial General Headquarters during the Sino-Japanese War, so I think that’s probably part of the reason. (Mr. Naito)

When Prime Minister Kishida returned to Japan after completing his visit to Ukraine, the opposition parties corrected him whether there were any problems with safety measures and crisis management. Prime Minister Kishida emphasized that he had carefully coordinated with the Ukrainian government in advance, and that there were “no problems” with safety measures and crisis management. Opposition parties pointed out that Prime Minister Kishida boarding a train in Poland, a transit point, was photographed by multiple media outlets, and that if it had been a sniper, he would have been targeted in one shot.

“What do you think about safety measures and crisis management?” (Anna Terashima)

“Did the opposition parties cooperate with the prime minister’s visit to Ukraine? Apart from that, it is bad that information was leaked and photos were taken, and furthermore, it was posted on Twitter where he was in real time. You’re back, so it’s fine, but I think we need to question the person in charge.” (Mr. Naito)

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