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M League, a new team is born for the first time in four years! “BS Japanext” participates in 9 teams from the 2023-24 season | News | ABEMA TIMES


On May 26, the M League organization announced that BS Japanext, which will newly develop BS broadcasting from the 2023-24 season of the professional mahjong league “M League”, will join and participate in the league. The new team in the M League is the 9th team in 4 years since KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (KADOKAWA Sakura Knights) participated in the 2019-20 season. Every year, the M-League spreads the enthusiasm that unfolds on the table to the world, but next season the number of teams will increase and it will be even more exciting.

[Video]M League 2022-23 close to the real face of the players

The M League was launched in July 2018, and will be in its sixth season next season. In the 2022-23 season, Shibuya ABEMAS has won the championship for the first time, and the winning team changes every year for five years. Under the slogan, “Get more out of this frenzy”, the development of various media is also increasing. With the addition of the BSJapanext team (tentative name), a new wind is likely to blow. In addition, the team will nominate a mixed team of four men and women at the draft meeting held before the start of the 2023-24 season, but prior to this, players will be publicly recruited on a dedicated site, and one of the draft nominated players will be selected. We are planning to hold a selection meeting to decide.

Takamitsu Sato, President and CEO of Japanet Broadcasting Co., Ltd., which operates BSJapanext, said through the M League organization, “The M League is showing excitement with heated battles and the spread of various online games, and the fun and health as a sport. We decided to enter the M League this time because we want to spread the spread of mahjong to more people.”

Japanet Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Takamitsu Sato President Executive Officer Full Comment

Thank you very much for allowing me to participate as a corporate team in the prestigious M League. BSJapanext will be launched in March 2022, starting with the revival of “Panel Quiz Attack 25”, the only free broadcast of the “PGA Tour” in Japan, a travel program specializing in regional revitalization, and planning from scratch what talents want to do. We are challenging various programs such as programs to do. Although the contents are wide-ranging, we are working on program production based on the idea of ​​spreading throughout Japan the wonderful things, things, services, ideas, and entertainment that are consistently buried in the world.

Mahjong has a participation population of 4.5 million people, and it is showing excitement such as heated battles in the M League and the spread of various online games. I decided to enter the M League this time because I want to go.

In the future, BSJapanext is also planning programs specializing in mahjong, such as behind-the-scenes stories about the launch of the team, projects that approach the personal aspects of the players, mahjong lectures, commentary on matches, and more. Along with the entry into the M League, we aim to create a program that conveys the fun and splendor of mahjong, so please look forward to it.

BSJapanext team (provisional name) special site * Scheduled to open around 1:00 pm on May 26

◆ M League Launched in 2018. 8 teams from the 2019-20 season, and 9 teams from the 2023-24 season. Each team consists of 4 people, mixed men and women. Until the 2022-23 season, each team will play 94 games in the regular season (188 games in total). The top 6 teams advanced to the semi-final series (20 games each, 30 games in total), and the top 4 teams advanced to the final series (16 games), where the championship was contested.

[Video]M League 2022-23 close to the real face of the players

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