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Photographed by Suzuki Takurota (thumbnail)

The drawstring bag was so convenient…

The world is in the midst of Silver Week. Many people are enjoying the “Autumn for sports”, “Autumn for appetite”, and “Autumn for arts” as the climate becomes more comfortable.

This time, I liken it to such “Autumn of XX”,Editorial department recommended subscription works that you want to enjoy during the autumn holidaysIntroducing! I will introduce the video works that can be seen on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix ~.

4 works to enjoy in “autumn of art”

“game of thrones”

Image: Amazon Prime Video

“Game of Thrones (GOT)” has taken the world by storm. In the bloody battle for the throne between aristocrats, various elements such as family love and hate, chivalry spirit, etc. are included, and dragons and zombies also appear.

too funny8 laps through all 8 series.

And here,Great for art appreciationis.

Costume designer Michelle ClaptonDesigning as a device that reflects the “feelings of the performers”Dresses, armor, accessories, everyday wear for travel, loungewear…

The costumes created by Clapton also influenced the fashion world, and from 2011 to 2019, when the series was on air, GOT appeared on the runways of numerous brands such as Valentino, Dries Van Noten, Rick Owens, Dior, and Alexander McQueen. A design reminiscent of has been announced.

There are many scenes in the story that really make you want to look away, but for some reason I’m fascinated by the costumes… I’m sure many of you have already watched it, but how about one more round of autumn art appreciation? (ROOMIE KITCHEN Editor-in-chief Yamazaki)

“game of thrones”[Amazon Prime Video]

Francis Ha

A black-and-white camera traces the life of the main character, who aspires to be a dancer, in New York. It’s not like the 80’s movie, flashdance, where the dance is attractive.A movie where you can enjoy her personality that makes you laugh out loud but is painfully sympatheticis.

Paul McCartney, Harry Nilsson, etc.The music in the play that gently envelopsalso a favorite. (Editorial staff, Arahata)

“Francis Ha”[Amazon Prime Video]

“Hanayo Nenka”

A remastered version of Wong Kar-wai’s movie. You can also watch this on Netflix.

Maggie Chan in a cheongsam, the contrast of light and shadow, and of course the beautiful screen everywhere, as well as the items unique to Wong Kar-wai as a metaphor,Enjoying the method of expressing the main character’s emotions is just like chewing art. (Editorial staff, Arahata)

“Hanayo Nenka”[Netflix]


A work depicting a harsh lesson between a drummer who entered a prestigious music college and a demon teacher who leads a top class jazz band at the school. Because of the unpredictable development, you will be glued to the moment of the story, and the gradually rising voltage will set your sights on the last scene.

The last 9 minutes of the stage, which opens after a lesson full of madness that leaves the audience with a slight trauma, makes me feel shallow even though I know it’s fiction.Feeling as if you were there and experiencing a live performanceTo…….

It’s a work that made me feel scared just like a horror movie, but the final session scene gives me goosebumps no matter how many times I watch it, and makes me want to applaud. (But I definitely don’t want to be taught by a teacher like this…) (Editorial staff Iwasawa)

“session”[Amazon Prime Video]

Two works to enjoy in the “autumn of sports”

“Rush Hour” Series

Although the whole story is not focused on sports,I’ve admired this Jackie Chan for a long time, and finally started kung fu as a lesson.I chose it because I am human.

I review it once a year because of the good tempo that ends in 90 minutes.

Once you see Jackie’s brilliant and lean action scenes, you’ll definitely want to start kung fu! (Editorial staff, Arahata)

“rush hour”[Netflix]

“Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club”

Image: Amazon Prime Video

In order to save a school that is in danger of closing down, the love live series is a sports anime when you hear the story of high school girls who struggle to spread their name to the world through idol activities and increase the number of applicants.

Among such Love Live series, I would like many people to see it this fall.The third work “Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club (commonly known as Nijigaku)”is.

As mentioned above, in the Love Live series, the story unfolds according to the general outline of the group of main characters aiming for a love live (a kind of national competition in student sports), but Nijigaku appears. For some reason, the characters do not aim to participate in Love Live, and from an early stage they choose not to compete with other schools.

Moreover, one of the major features is that the characters that appear do not form groups and aim to be active as solo idols.

Although they are school idols, they are not aiming for a love live, they are friends, but they are all rivals.What kind of scenery did they find on stage with such contradictory beliefs? Please check it out with your own eyes.

It’s a masterpiece (26 episodes in total) that is too regrettable to spend the rest of your life thinking, “As expected of a beautiful girl idol anime…”. (Editorial staff, Taguchi)

“Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club”[Amazon Prime Video]

“Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club TV Anime Season 2″[Amazon Prime Video]

Two works to enjoy in “Autumn of Appetite”

“Origin of deliciousness”

A documentary program where you can learn the depth of Chinese cuisine in 5 minutes, with one dish per episode.

At the beginning of the familiar shrimp chili and twice-cooked meat,The image is overturned that food culture has blossomed so much in China. Even with wheat or rice, the repertoire has spread so much…!

The things you can eat in Japan are really limited, but it made me want to try even more in my home country. (Editorial staff, Arahata)

“Origin of deliciousness”[Netflix]

“Little Forest”

There is a bit of drama, but the main focus is on Ai Hashimoto cooking with seasonal ingredients.You can also enjoy ASMR, such as the sound of cutting a kitchen knife and the sound of flowing water..

By the way, my favorite is the three-tiered Christmas cake, but other than that, I often want to look back at the cooking scenes each season. (Editorial staff, Arahata)

“Little Forest Summer/Autumn”[Amazon Prime Video]
“Little Forest Winter/Spring”[Amazon Prime Video]

[Extra]2 works you want to see at once during the long autumn nights

“Short Program”

I’m not a fan of JO1, but it came up as a recommendation so I watched only one episode. Then, I found myself watching the whole story before I knew it because it was a very refreshing Kyunkyun system (laughs).

I like cute and cheesy romance stories like shoujo manga,I was able to replenish the kyun kyun that I haven’t been able to taste recently with the “Short Program”.

Each setting is completely different, so I enjoyed it even if I didn’t know much about JO1. Dear JAM, sorry for being a fanboy! (Editorial staff, Matsuzaki)

“JO1 Contents Short Program”[Amazon Prime Video]

“Love is Blind Japan”

I’m kind of embarrassed by my old uncle, so I haven’t told many people about it, but I actually love Terrace House. Due to various things, it ended halfway through, so I still feel lonely, but I found this “Love is Blind Japan” in such a situation.

It is a non-fiction story in which a man and a woman get to know each other only by their voice at a predetermined timing (time) in a private room (pod).

in short,Find a partner you like and develop love without looking at their appearance. And in the end, the story is that you can propose without seeing your face, and you can only meet face to face for the first time when it is OK.

In fact, is it possible to fall in love with someone just with the content of their voices and conversations?!?Implying the importance of having the same or similar valuesI thought so.

In addition, after the proposal, the first meeting, the proposal is made again, and the engagement is established, but there are also trials after that. By the way, is there a couple who ended up getting married…!?

By the way, I can’t get married without even seeing your face! Married I think. (Deputy editor-in-chief, Hanasaki)

“Love is Blind Japan”[Netflix]


“Appetite-stimulating” movies that make you hungry are hot!3 summer movies you can watch with a subscription


“4 recommended works to watch on Prime Video” selected by the editorial staff ~Drama edition~

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