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ANIMA x Midgra complete wireless. Hoshimachi Suisei Guide Voice Recording – AV Watch

ANIMA x Midgra complete wireless. Hoshimachi Suisei Guide Voice Recording – AV Watch
ANIMA x Midgra complete wireless. Hoshimachi Suisei Guide Voice Recording – AV Watch


Pixel will release the completely wireless earphone “ANW01 Midnight Grand Orchestra Ver.” Collaboration between Acoustune’s sub-brand ANIMA and “Midnight Grand Orchestra” on October 6th. The price is 21,978 yen. Prior to the release, reservations will be accepted from September 2nd.

Midnight Grand Orchestra is a unit in which VTuber Suisei Hoshimachi from Hololive serves as the vocalist, and TAKU INOUE, a sound producer from VIA/TOY’S FACTORY, serves as the composer.

TAKU INOUE supervised the sound tuning, and prepared three types of tuning patterns: basic “MIDNIGHT”, “NIGHT” and “DAY”. It can be set with the dedicated application “ANIMA Studio” (iOS / Android).

[MIDNIGHT: Pattern 1 (default)]

Tuning for the purpose of enjoying songs such as the latest game music, dance music, anime songs, etc. based on sound that emphasizes balance.

I was conscious of the points that I feel comfortable when listening to music in a club late at night, and adjusted it with particular emphasis on the deep low range such as sub-bass, and the gorgeous high range and depth. If you want to immerse yourself in the sound, please come here!

[NIGHT: Pattern 2]

Based on MIDNIGHT, adjust the volume of the low range. Tuned to match the sound making of the 2010s.

I was especially aware of the low range slightly above the sub-bass, which cannot be covered with MIDNIGHT, and adjusted the high range accordingly. If it’s a band sound that uses live bass or drums, this may be the case.

[DAY: Pattern 3]

A listening tune that is conscious of the mellow sound that has a nice touch and has an edge so that you can relax.

Compared to MIDNIGHT and NIGHT, the low and high frequencies are slightly rounded and gentle. Please use it when you want to enjoy music while keeping a distance from the sound while reading a book, working or studying, wandering around SNS, or lying in a daze.

The system voice includes a guide voice recorded by Suisei Hoshimachi as a limited “Advent Voice”. You can listen to familiar lines such as “Sui-chan is~? Cute today too!” and “Otsumachi!”



The package adopts a design drawn by Yoshimi Miyoshi and Punch. Yoshimi Miyoshi drew the situation in the world of “Allegro”, the third song of the first mini-album “Overture”, in which both artists use this model.


package design

The main body color is Teal Blue, which is an image of the near future of Midnight Grand Orchestra and the lights of the city at night. By incorporating translucent elements from products such as PCs, game consoles, and music players from the 1990s to the early 2000s, the LED light shines, making it a newtro (new + retro) product.


“ANW01 Midnight Grand Orchestra Ver.”

Bluetooth 5.1 compliant, profiles support A2DP / AVRCP / HSP / HFP / SPP. Codec supports SBC, AAC, aptX. In addition to built-in MEMS type microphone for calling, it supports waterproof equivalent to IPX7.

Continuous playback time is about 6 hours. When used with the charging case, it can be played for about 15 hours. The charging time is about 1 hour and 30 minutes for the earphones and about 3 hours for the charging case. The charging terminal is USB-C.

The weight is about 4g on one side of the earphone. The charging case is about 24g. Earpieces (S/M/L), ear supports (S/M/L), USB-C cable for charging, etc. are included.

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