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How to create a LINE official account from “LINE for Business” | @DIME at dime

I want more people to know about my store. Why don’t you make an official line account at times like that? Actually, you can make it with “LINE for Business”, and it’s surprisingly easy.

You can open a LINE official account from the app, but this time we will explain how to open it from “LINE for Business”.

What is “LINE for Business”?

LINE for Business is a portal site that introduces how to create a LINE official account for stores and companies, as well as examples of how to use it. The LINE official account is full of useful functions for shops and companies, such as sending messages to users who have added them as friends, managing the issuance of shop cards on LINE, and sending coupons.

How to create a LINE official account from “LINE for Business”?

It is possible to create an account from “LINE for Business” using a smartphone or a computer, so I will explain it.

1. Go to the account opening page ( When you click “Start LINE Official Account” on the screen, the following screen will be displayed. Here, select “Create Account”.

2. Register your current personal LINE account or email address. You can now create a LINE official account.

When registering with a personal LINE account, the opening is completed by linking the personal account and the LINE official account. If you want to register with your email address, you can open it by entering your email address and the required information.

3. Account creation is complete when you log in to the management screen (LINE Official Account Manager).

Left) Web version management scene (PC) Right) Management application (App)

After opening a LINE official account, make basic settings for the account.

Next, we will explain the basic account settings required to use the LINE Official Account.

Registration of basic information (account settings)

You can register various information about your company or store, such as the status message displayed under your account name, and checking/changing your profile image.

You can also apply for an authenticated account on the account settings screen. With an authenticated account, you can set display settings on the search screen on LINE, register store location information, etc.

Profile settings

Profile is the screen that is often displayed when users add friends. Since basic information such as business hours and address can be entered, it plays a role like the top page of a website.

“Greeting message” settings

A greeting message is the first message sent automatically when a user adds a LINE official account as a friend or unblocks it. You can write a description of your LINE official account, such as thanking you for adding a friend or what kind of message the account will send.

message delivery

In addition to text and images, various formats are available for message delivery, such as “rich messages” that can be visually easy to understand, and “card type messages” that can display multiple images.

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There is also a plan that can be used for free on the LINE official account!

The LINE official account has a monthly free plan, and you can send up to 1000 free messages per month. However, if you want to send more than 1000 messages, you cannot send additional messages.

So, if you want to increase the number of friends or send more than 1001 messages while using the LINE official account, we recommend the paid plan.

How much does a paid plan for LINE Official Account cost?

In addition to the monthly free plan, the LINE official account also has a “light plan” with a monthly charge of 5,000 yen and a “standard plan” with a monthly charge of 15,000 yen.

With the “light plan”, you can send 15,000 messages a month, and if you want to send more than 15,000 messages, you will be charged 5 yen per message.

With the “Standard Plan”, you can send 45,000 messages per month, and if you want to send more than 45,000 messages, you will need to pay up to 3 yen per message.

[Reference]What is the operating cost of the LINE for Business LINE official account? Explain the price plan!

There are two types of LINE Official Accounts: Verified Accounts and Unverified Accounts.

There are two types of LINE Official Accounts: Verified Accounts and Unverified Accounts. Both accounts have the same price plan, and you can choose from the free plan, light plan, and standard plan as explained earlier. What is the difference between the two?

Functions and services that can be used with a “verified account” ① A badge (blue) for a verified account is given

A verified account will be given a verified account badge (blue) as a proof that it has passed a certain standard review. It is displayed on the chat screen and profile screen, and it is also a guideline that it is an official account, so it can give users a sense of security. Unverified accounts are given a gray badge.

Functions and services that can be used with an “authenticated account” (2) Displayed in search results within the LINE app

In order to have a user add a LINE official account as a friend, it is necessary to read the QR code or search for the ID. However, if you have an authenticated account, it will be possible to display it in the friend search results in the LINE app.

Functions and services that can be used with an “authenticated account” ③ Poster data that can be installed at stores can be downloaded

You can download poster data for free to promote adding friends to LINE official accounts. By installing it in the store, it will be possible to announce the LINE official account to users who visit the store.

You can download the poster data even with an unauthenticated account, but you can only download the data that does not have the character posted.

Functions and services that can be used with an “authenticated account” ④ Purchasing paid novelties

Paid novelties such as triangular POP and stickers can be purchased. This will increase the chances that users will see the guidance of the LINE official account.

Functions and services that can be used with “verified accounts” ⑤ “Add friend advertisement” can be used

You can post advertisements for adding friends on the LINE app, such as talk lists, LINE NEWS, and LINE VOOM.

Functions and services that can be used with an “authenticated account” ⑥ Invoice payment can be selected

When using a paid plan, in addition to credit card payments, bill payments can be made through the payment service “Paid”.

[Reference]How to apply for a LINE for Business authenticated account | Features, functions, and differences from non-authenticated accounts

* Data is based on editorial research as of mid-March 2023.
*Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, we do not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the content.
* Please use the product at your own risk.

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