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I think it’s quite new to remember that Intel announced the 13th generation desktop CPU. With the codename Raptor LakeCore i9-13900KSappeared at the top of the list, but Intel furtherWe are planning to announce the next generation CPU within 2023… apparently …

This time, such14th generation desktop CPU seriesis“Raptor Lake Refresh”I would like to introduce the rumor information.

Key points of this article

  • Intel 14th Generation Desktop CPU Seriesteeth”Raptor Lake Refresh” andAutumn to winter 2023expected to appear over
  • The basic specifications are the same as the 13th generation Raptor Lake,Operating frequency reaches up to 6.5GHzperformance10% improvementdeath,Outperforms AMD Ryzen 9-7950X3DIt is expected
  • top model isCore i9-14900KSexpected to be

Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh Specifications

First of all, I would like to explain the specifications of this 14th generation desktop CPU series (Raptor Lake Refresh).

Let’s organize the series once

The evolution of the CPU industry is so fast that only a few people at the forefront can honestly keep up with it. In the first place, what is the 14th generation?

This “14th” is the generation of “Core series” which is Intel’s mainstream CPU series, and the first generation appeared around 2009.

And steadily passing generations,The 10th generation (Comet Lake) appeared in 2020is.

And the 11th generation (Rocket Lake) will be in 2021, the 12th generation (Alder Lake) in 2022, and the latest 13th generation (Raptor Lake) in 2023.Regularly updated once a year.

And I thought that the 14th generation would appear in 2024, apparentlyThe 14th generation will appear as Raptor Lake Refresh in 2023It is said.

Raptor Lake Refresh Architecture

The architecture of the 13th generation desktop CPU was Raptor Lake, but for the 14th generation, a slightly evolved architecture with “Refresh” will be adopted. It’s not enough to give it a different codename, but it’s a bit like evolving, so it’s like adding “Refresh”.

at first“Meteor Lake”The 14th generation CPU series called was scheduled to appear,It is expected to be postponed due to reasons such as the development of new semiconductors not keeping up.And it is said that this Raptor Lake Refresh will appear instead.

And in this article, we will discuss the Raptor Lake Refresh series for desktops.

Intel 7 semiconductor

The base semiconductorIntel 7It is said that what is called will be adopted. Actually, this was also adopted in Raptor Lake, which means that it will not change. Intel 7 semiconductor is the generation before Raptor LakeWhat began to be adopted in “Alder Lake”and,10nm processIt is.

[2nm too!?]Introducing Intel’s roadmap up to 2025![10nm to 2nm]

And two generations of rubbing on this Intel 7, plusRub even 14th generationIt is that.

Originally, the 14th generation was planned to use a 7nm process semiconductor called Intel 4, but it is likely that Intel 7 will still be used due to delays in development.

Supports LGA 1700 socket

Regarding the socket on the motherboard side where the CPU is installed, it is said that it will support the 1700-pin one called “LGA 1700” like the 12th and 13th generations. By the way, the 11th generation was compatible with LGA 1200.

Supports Intel 600/700 series chipsets

Regarding what kind of motherboard it can be installed on, there is information that Raptor Lake Refresh will support the Intel 600/700 series chipset, soSame as 12th and 13th generationThat’s what it means.

Supports DDR4/DDR5 memory

From the 12th generation, it began to support DDR5 memory, and until the 13th generation, it was in a coexistence state that DDR4 memory could also be used.andThe 14th generation Raptor Lake Refresh also supports coexistence… apparently …

Maximum clock speed is 6.5GHz

This is only a story of the upper model, but in the 14th generation Raptor Lake Refresh seriesOperating frequency reaches up to 6.2~6.5GHzIt is said.

The 13th generation Raptor Lake had a maximum of 6.0 GHz, so it could be improved by 0.5 GHz. As for the operating frequency, I remember that it finally reached 5.0 GHz around the 10th generation, and I remember being very excited, but before I knew it, it exceeded 6.0 GHz normally… It’s scary.

And by increasing the operating frequency, the overallMaybe 10% better performanceIt is said that. Furthermore, as the operating frequency improves, the performance per core also improves, so it is expected that performance such as game processing will also improve.andIt could be on par with gaming-focused CPUs such as the AMD Ryzen 7000X3DIt is said.

However, it consumes more power and generates more heat, so be careful.

On the other hand, AMD is also developing a new Ryzen 8000 series, and it is said that Intel may be able to make a difference again.

[Zen5]Latest information on Ryzen 8000 series CPU[130% performance of Zen4]


Next, what kind of lineup will appear.

This is Intel’s roadmap, but Raptor Lake-S Refresh is also listed for the consumer “K” series and other desktop CPU series, so from the entry model Core i3 to the high-end model Core There is a high possibility that it will appear all the way up to i9.

For example, there is a high possibility that the lineup will be as follows.

Intel 14th Generation Lineup

  • Core i9-14900KS
  • Core i9-14900K
  • Core i7-14700
  • Core i5-14600
  • Core i5-14400
  • Core i3-14100

I’m looking forward to this.


Regarding performance, as I mentioned earlier, compared to the 13th generation, the operating frequency is improved.maybe 10% betterIt is said that.

If this is true, it is currently the highest performing consumer, desktop mainstream CPU.Likely to outperform AMD Ryzen 9-7950X3Dis.

However, AMD is planning to announce a new CPU called the Ryzen 8000 series as I introduced earlier, so it will surely surpass Intel again.

[Zen5]Latest information on Ryzen 8000 series CPU[130% performance of Zen4]

time of appearance

Regarding the appearance time, as I introduced at the beginning,Will be in 2023… apparently … It is expected to appear in the fall or winter of 2023. It feels like it’s coming soon.

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