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Announcement in Windows 11 release health dashboard

On May 24th (local time), Microsoft announced that it will widely deploy “Windows 11 version 22H2” to all users with eligible devices. Devices with “Windows 11 version 21H2” (Home/Pro edition) that are not managed by “Active Directory” can be upgraded by checking “Windows Update”.

If your device meets the Windows 11 system requirements and has no known issues, checking for updates in Windows Update will guide you to install version 22H2. When you press the[Download and Install]button according to the instructions, the download of “Windows 11 version 22H2” will start, but the user can choose when to restart the OS to apply the update. Specify a convenient time period, or manually restart the OS when the work is finished.

You will be prompted to install “Version 22H2”


Users can select when to restart the OS

In addition, devices with known defects will be “safeguarded” for safety, and “Windows 11 version 22H2” will not be provided to the environment until the problem is resolved.

At the time of writing, there is only one issue with safeguards applied: If you update to a corrected driver, the safeguard will be removed.


1 safeguard hold.Can be canceled by updating to the corrected driver

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