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Riku’s win and run today! | Everyone’s post horse racing column –

Riku’s win and run today! | Everyone’s post horse racing column –
Riku’s win and run today! | Everyone’s post horse racing column –

Everyone’s post column

  • Sunday, March 19, 2023 00:38
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Finished 6th in Cool Mirabeau of the Hanshin 11 races recommended last time. The super slow pace of 1:04.00 passing the 5th floor in the first half is not expected to reach the end. The track was a little heavy and drier than expected, so we will have to start over for the next run. Ori finished 8th in the Chukyo 12 race. Even though he was in the outer frame, he was covered with sand by riding inside, and it felt like he lost his fighting spirit. I just want the camp to know that he’s the type that shouldn’t be covered with sand.
Nakayama 10, 11 race is recommended this time.

[Nakayama 11th race: Confidence level A]◉ Expect a single shot from Dondengaeshi. In the Asahi Hai FS, which was the third race before the race, he held a high pace of 57.8 seconds for the 1000m passage, and although he entered the straight line with an excellent response, he was at a dead end. However, looking at the high pace and response, it was a momentum that might have been within the betting ticket range. Both the Junior C in the last race and the Hyacinth S in the previous race did not go well with the lead advantage, but this time half of the members consisted of runaway horses. There is a high possibility that the pace will be quite fast, and it is unlikely that the pace will not be suitable for the last two races. Moreover, in Flower C under the same conditions, the 1st and 2nd runners were horses that raced from behind, making it a track with ample leverage. It is also emphasized that the reluctant riding ground that other horses are suffering from is definitely a tailwind for this horse from Dorefon. It’s not popular at all, but with all the good conditions this time around, you should be able to expect a big twist.
The betting tickets are run to 2nd, 10th, 11th, and 15th for single wins, double wins, and wide wins (◎ 7th, 〇 2nd, ▲ 15th, △ in order of 11 → 10th).

[Race Nakayama 10: Confidence B]With many leading horses, the pace of 32.8 seconds in the 3rd half of the first half was carried from the midfield, and the 3rd run was strong in the 4th corner, where it advanced early and pushed through ◎ Baby Boss. Even though he was fast paced, it can be said that the winning time of 1:10.2 on good ground was quite good. The last two races are out of the betting ticket range, but the race before last is clearly longer than the first floor at 1400m, and the number of horses in the previous race was calm with 11 runners, so the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd runners on the road finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The rest of the flow did not go to the front. However, this time, there are a lot of runaway horses like before the 3rd run, and the member composition is likely to be quite fast. I would like to expect that it will pass sufficiently if it is smooth from the contents before the 3rd run.
The betting ticket will be run to 13th for win and wide, and 1, 3, 8, 11, 13 for horse race (◎ No. 7, 〇 No. 8, ▲ No. 1, △ in order of 3 → 11 → 13).

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