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A briefing session on the completion of “Touken Ranbu the Movie: Dawn” (released on the 31st) was held on the 19th at the Tokyo Sky Tree in Tokyo. Hiroki Suzuki, Yoshihiko Aramaki, Masanari Wada, Mizuki Umezu, Takamichi Sato, Fuma Sadamoto, Eito Konishi, Hiroki Tamaki, and director Yakumo Yakumo participated in the event. A lighting ceremony and talk session were held.

Yoshihiko Aramaki (C) ORICON NewS inc.

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This work is a sequel to the previous work “Movie Touken Ranbu -Inheritance-” released in 2019. Aramaki, who plays the role of Kunihiro Yamabakiri, said, “I feel like I’ve been waiting for a long time. Since the first work, I’ve been saying, ‘I hope there will be a next work.’ I was told there is. Then, while talking about his feelings at the time, “I was excited when I heard about the second installment,” he said, “I’m still shivering.”

To this blur, Wada immediately retorted, “It’s not good at all!”, and added, “Our hearts are shaking.” Such a harmonious exchange caused the cast members to laugh a lot.

The stage of this work is for the first time in the history of the “Touken Ranbu” series. Aramaki said, “I didn’t expect to go to the present age,” but “But if you think about it, considering the year 2205 AD, where the Touken Danshi are, the present age is also the past for them. I remember thinking that at first,” he recalled.

When asked about his impressions of the shooting, he answered, “Since it’s modern times, we fight in various places such as apartments and the Skytree, but it’s physically cramped and I thought it would be difficult to fight.” “Even in the game setting, Uchigatana is at a disadvantage in a small room, but that’s exactly how it’s used,” she said powerfully.

In response to the appearance of Tokyo Sky Tree in the main story, special lighting with the image of 10 main characters was also carried out at the same place. In the middle of the event, the lighting ceremony was held in line with Suzuki’s shout. The cast members cheered loudly as they looked up at the sky tree, which changed from diagonal lighting like sword stripes to various colors.

Aramaki, who took the microphone again at the end of the event, said, “I think it’s a work that many people are looking forward to. This is a movie that was made with the cooperation of “Touken Ranbu.” I put my strength into it.

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