Park Bo-mi & soccer player Park Yo-han couple, their beloved son goes to heaven.


Photo = Park Bomi, Na Sang Ho Instagram

The son of comedian and actress Park Bomi passed away.

On the 21st, her agency announced, “Park Bomi lost her son on the 20th.”

The day before, on the 20th, soccer player Na Sang-ho announced the death of their son Simon through his Instagram on behalf of Park Bo-mi and Park Yo-han.

In his post, he wrote, “My beloved son Simon has gone to heaven. Please understand that I can’t contact each and every one of you.”

Park Bo-mi’s husband, Park Yo-han, is a coach who used to be a soccer player.

The funeral will be held at Seoul Asan Hospital Funeral Hall No. 32, the coffin will be released on the 22nd, and the burial place will be Seoul Memorial Park.

Prior to this, Park Bomi posted on her Instagram on the 16th, “Simon, my angel son who I really love, had a sudden cardiac arrest due to a sudden fever and convulsions, but I performed CPR for 40 minutes. After all, like a miracle, my heart beats for my family.”

She continued, “Right now, I am in a very deep sleep. I need the power of prayer. Please pray a lot. You are truly a miraculous child. Please pray from the bottom of your heart for Simon, the angel sent from heaven. All of us in the family are doing our best with dignity! Above all, it’s because Simon is doing his best!”

Park Bomi made her debut as a comedian on KBS in 2014. After that, she turned into an actress, and she appeared in dramas such as ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ and ‘Mr. Sunshine’. She married Park Yohan in 2020, and she gave birth to her first child, son Simon, in February last year.

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