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From the movie “HiGH & LOW THE WORST X”

The movie “HiGH & LOW THE WORST X (Cross)” will be released on September 9th. Appears in this work, which is a sequel to “HiGH & LOW THE WORST” (2019), a crossover work between the “HiGH & LOW” series and the comics “Close” and “WORST” by Hiroshi Takahashi (“High” is officially written as “Ladder”). Introducing characters and visuals. (Editorial department, Fumiko Umeyama)


Oya Koukou

oya high

“Pitch-Black Heinous High School” The worst delinquent high school in the SWORD district divided into regular hours and full days

[Fujio Hanaoka (Kazuma Kawamura)]

Fujio Hanaoka

Shortly after transferring to Oya High School, he won the trust of his comrades in a battle with Hosen and became the head of the full-time school. He has a straightforward and pure personality.

[Tsukasa Takashiro (Hokuto Yoshino)]


Becomes Fujio’s best friend and supports him as his right-hand man.

[Yosuke Todoroki (Koki Maeda)]

Yosuke Todoroki

Boasts immovable power. She has black hair and glasses.

Yasushi Nishikawa as Ryuji Sato
A full-time third-year student. Known for the “Yasukiyo” duo.

Kiyoshi Yokoyama as Satoshi Uekiya
3 years full-time. Known for the Yasukiyo combination.

Chuetsu University Performer: Fuju Kamio
One of the “Chun Chun” faction.

Shohei Nakaoka (played by Ken Nakajima)
The “Chun Chun” faction. I love jerseys.

Jam man (Kisuke Ujihara) played by Kohei Fukuyama
A full-time sophomore. He is well-informed and admires Fujio and Tsukasa.

Shiba Man: Dragon
One of the roaring factions.

Tsuji: Takahide Suzuki
Like Shibaman, he is one of the Todoroki factions.

Motoaki Sakata as Win Morisaki
Fujio’s childhood friend. Occasionally, she visits Fujio and others at Oya High School and treats them to home-made dishes, but…


Senomon Technical High School

Senomon Technical High School

Expand the “Blood Gate” force and aim for Oya High’s head, forming a three-school alliance of rose merchants and Kama High.

[Ryo Suzaki (Yuta Nakamoto)]

Ryo Suzaki

Known as the strongest man. He transfers to Senomon and reunites with his childhood friend Amakai for the first time in years.

[Kouhei Amakai (Ryoki Miyama)]

Kohei Amakai

Harvest Senomon’s head. I don’t mind any means to crush Oya High.

Sabo Tenhisa (cactus) as Ikuya Naganuma
Tsudanuma as Ryoki Higa

Kamasaka High School (commonly known as Kama High School)

head height

“Heinous armed group” new force in the SWORD district

[Reiji Himuro (Itsuki Fujiwara)]

Reiji Himuro

A cold and cruel person. He can also use weapons at any cost.

Kazushi Iwatsugi (Gandhi) played by Hiroaki Oka
Tall and long hair. A man like a mad dog who will rush at any opponent.


Jiangwura Commercial High School (commonly known as Rose Merchant)

loose merchant

A new power in the SWORD district ruled by the “three great gods of martial arts”

[Shouji Sameoka (Shin Hasegawa)]

Shoji Sameoka

The sharpest person in the rose trade.

Fujin, played by Team
Thunder God: Kento Imamura

Hosen Gakuen

Hosen Gakuen

“Assassin Corps” Delinquent High School in Toaru City

[Odashima Yuken (Eihisa Shiono)]

Odashima sword

One of the Four Heavenly Kings of Hosen. He is also the adviser to Sachio Ueda (Jun Shison), the head of Hosen.

Masatsugu Sawamura as Aoiage
Sachio’s classmate from middle school. He was undefeated, but after losing to Sachio, he became a close friend.

Hideaki Nigawa (played by Shin Koyanagi)
Hosen’s ability number 2. she is compassionate.

Kenzo Shida played by Atsushi Arai
A kamikaze captain who rushes into the enemy with the best fighting faction of Hosen.

Moji Tokuyama (Monji) played by Natsuki Hori
He has wrestling experience and manages the 2nd grade.

Mackerel played by: Ryotaro Sakaguchi
Divides the 2nd grade along with Monji. Informed.


Suzuran boys high school

Suzuran boys high school

A high school in Toa-ru City, which is feared as the “Crow School”

Raoh as Henry Mikami Daichi
Suzuran’s strongest man.

Binzo as played by Mizuki Itagaki
Suzuran’s slashing captain. He’s a tough guy who stands up like a zombie no matter how many times he gets hit.

Mercy played by Yuki Tokito
Suzuran Fudo’s No.2.

Yamaguchi Magoroku as Yusei Yagi
Raoh’s faction’s strongest bodyguard.

Kamui Ito as Keito Kimura
A second-year student whose trademark is a black mask. He specializes in spies.

Kansuke Seta as Yuri Takahashi
Two years of Suzuran. His strength stands out.


Senomon Technical High School, led by Amakai, stands in front of Oya High School. Suzaki, who is known as the strongest man, joins Senomon, and forms a three-school alliance under the umbrella of Kamasaka High School and Kobura Commercial High School. Just when Tsukasa Takashiro and Yosuke Todoroki of Oya Koukou are suspicious of their movements, the three-school alliance begins hunting Oya Kou.

(C) 2022 “HiGH & LOW THE WORST X” Production Committee (C) Hiroshi Takahashi (Akita Shoten) HI-AX

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